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    • Spelling Bees

      Tim & Emily are fantastic in spelling some words that you never imagine they can spell. It is amazingly humorous.

      Emily & Tim: I know how to spell KFC.
      Emily & Tim: K F C

      Emily & Tim: I know how to spell TGIF.
      Emily & Tim: T G I F

      Emily & Tim: I know how to spell DHA.
      Emily & Tim: D H A

      Emily & Tim: I know how to spell OK.
      Emily & Tim: O K

      :rolleyes: Are they amazingly cute?! :giggles:

      Published on June 19, 2008 · Filed under: Parenting;

    9 Responses to “Spelling Bees”

    1. Wah HAHAHAHAHA….so cute and brilliant!!!

    2. How can you not give them full marks for creativity? 😆

    3. haha DHA….:)

    4. LOL! These 2 are smart buggers! 🙂

    5. Magictree said on

      So funny and so cute!

    6. clever clever!! 😛

    7. Super cute n super smart!

    8. Oh? Kids will surprise u with their smartness anytime. Des knows how to spell KLCC, TV, TVB, AOD (Astro on Demand) *heehee*

    9. They are so cute!!! And smart too!

      p/s: first time here, have a nice day!