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    • Kungfu Panda & Free Tickets

      Emily and I got 2 free tickets from Golden Screen Cinema for our birthday in June. You can also get free tickets on your birthday month. Just sign in to as a member. No age limit. Now the tickets are getting expensive, an adult cost RM10 and a child ticket is RM5. So I save RM15.

      As for Kungfu Panda, it is suitable for children above 5. Emily said she didn’t like it because too much fighting. However during the fighting scene, she was so focus on the screen. The art, the graphics, whatever you called it, was superb and the humor was good too. It made everyone laugh at one point in time. The plot was good, just like any Disney story. My favorite character is Oogway which is the tortoise. He said:

      Yesterday is history and the future is mystery but today is a gift, that why they called it “present”.

      The plot is about a village of China looking for a Dragon Warrior to fight the vicious Tai Lung. Tai Lung escaped from prison after 20 years of bondage. However Po, the panda just wanted to learn kungfu. He knows a lot about kungfu but he cannot fight. At the moment where they were choosing the Dragon Warrior, panda somehow fell from the sky onto Oogway’s finger. It was no accident and Panda was the chosen one. Master Shifu was very disappointed, he is to train the overweight Panda to become the Dragon Warrior. Watch out on how Master Shifu succeeds in doing the impossible.

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    6 Responses to “Kungfu Panda & Free Tickets”

    1. lots of talk about this movie. and how nice to get free tickets hor :p

    2. i just signed up lately and cant even booked kungfu panda so gotta go queue up to buy. hope it is still on this weekend!

    3. I definitely like to bring Jona to go and watch…even before the movie is release, Jona has request to watch it….

    4. Heard that it’s quite good – no chance of me catching it in the cinema though…

    5. maybe this movie more suitable for Tim. 🙂

    6. More for boy I think..because Jeriel also enjoy it…