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      Emily is teaching me Chinese and she is very good at it. At least she got me speechless. It is tough to ever argue with her. I think she can be a lawyer.

      Emily: Mummy ren () is children

      Mummy: ren () is people

      Emily: No ah, teacher said ren () is children *Using the “teacher is always right” tactic*

      Mummy: ren () is people that includes children mah.

      Emily: No, no, no…Child(). Got () at the end of children.

      Mummy: Ohhh…. :rolleyes: & speechless

      Published on June 23, 2008 · Filed under: Emily, Parenting;

    12 Responses to “Emily Shifu”

    1. Ian also always said teacher said this and that..

    2. haha…boh lat oredi right :P…just gotta admit teacher better than mommy

    3. Magictree said on

      Wah…me also speechless…Got ‘ren’ at the end of children!!!!

    4. hahah can be teacher edi

    5. Hahahaha…she can definitely be a lawyer.

    6. Teacher is always correct hi hi..

    7. kekeke…now I know why children got “ren” behind!

    8. Emily’s definitely full of reasons and I’m sure she’s the one who always makes u speechless and laugh.

    9. Fully agree that ‘teacher is always right’… sons always use that one to ‘attack’ me

    10. Got ‘ren’ at the end of child meh?

      If I correct Zara something, she’ll say “You are not teacher”.

    11. haha she is rite hehehe she is so cute

    12. hehehe.. little ones always impresses us.. she’s right though.. hehe Child”ren” 🙂 hehehe