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    • Mischievous My Middle Name

      My mother relayed this incident about my children to me. I was in the living hall watching TV while my children were upstairs playing with por por. I told my mother not to feed them with too much junk food. I was afraid they may get sick and would not be able to enjoy the vacation.

      My mother took out a box of chocolate and asked them to take one. That’s what por por do behind my back.

      Tim: Mummy said cannot have chocolate.

      Emily took the chocolate and took a bite quickly.

      Tim: Emily, you better tell mummy you ate the choc.

      Emily ignored him and finished the choc. She felt satisfied. Tim didn’t have any but insisted Emily to tell me that she had the chocolate.

      Emily came to me but didn’t tell me about the chocolate. Later Tim came down.

      Tim: Did Emily tell you anything?

      Mummy: What is Emily suppose to tell me?

      I can see Timothy wanted to protect her sister and at the same time wanted the sister to be honest. However Emily pretended nothing happen.

      Published on June 24, 2008 · Filed under: Emily, Parenting;

    14 Responses to “Mischievous My Middle Name”

    1. wah….tim is very kuai..emily more cheeky LOL

    2. tim is so good kor kor huh!!

    3. such a good Kor Kor and son!

    4. he really obey your instruction hor!

      If my girls….i think the chocolate box is empty lor!

    5. Ooo…gotta keep an extra eye on the girl now..hehe..

    6. She so cool….I guess she just know how to manipulate depend on situation….she will be a good businesswoman…he.he

    7. I was reading all your recent posts on your kids conversations – they are so cute la. And can see that they are very close to each other. You must be really proud of them.

    8. Tim didn’t want his sister to be scolded and he wanted so much to hint to u what his sister did. Oh dear, what a dilemma Tim must be in. So, he didn’t tell u what happened and finally it was por por who told u. Did Emily get ‘a piece of ur mind’?

    9. michelle said on

      Shooi: Only when they are not fighting.

      Tracy: Yeap, after I found out. I asked her, she gave me the “bin chui” face.

    10. Emily so is more important 🙂

    11. I think she inherited the “mischief” gene from you…wuahahaha!!!!

    12. michelle said on

      Giddy Tigress: :shifty:

    13. poor kor-kor, stuck n between!!

    14. Hah.. so Tim is the honest Joe, but Emily is the happy first, don’t care consequences type. 😛