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    • How Was I Made?

      Wen posted The Day Has Come with regards to her children asking her how they were made.

      My children asked me the same thing. Mummy, how was I made? They asked that when we talked about things before they were born. How did I tackle this question? I told them they were swimming inside my body. Swimming until it was time for them to become a baby. They were excited because they like swimming (or playing with water)

      Tim: I come out of your body and I do what?

      Mummy: Doc whacked your buttock and you cry.

      Tim: Why doctor whacked me?

      Mummy: When you cry, you can breathe.

      Emily: Mummy, when I was in your body, I eat ice-cream when you eat ice-cream?

      Mummy: Yes, when I eat, you eat.

      Emily trying to be cute: Mummy, when you eat chips, I swim in your body and catch the chips. Then I go munch munch munch…

      Mummy: :rolleyes: & :giggles:

      Anyway a good way to explain to them is to show them pictures. Pictures paint a thousand words. I wonder what I will say when they start to ask about the birds and the bees. :think:

      Published on June 28, 2008 · Filed under: Parenting Tip;

    11 Responses to “How Was I Made?”

    1. You tackle that situations and then you tell me đŸ˜†

    2. Hahaha…Emily is soooo cute!

    3. Emily’s so imaginative – swam to catch the chips and even ate ice-cream. Her mind’s only on food. Hahaha!

      Des has yet to ask me how she was made but she did ask me about the scar below my tummy and I told her there was where the doctor ‘cut’ mommy and she came out from there. She had this expression “Ooooo, must be very painful and lots of blood lor”. I just nodded my head cos I don’t know what happened, I told the doc ‘to make me unconscious’ dat time (heehee).

    4. haha! swim to catch the chips, cool! i think i better think of the suitable and comfortable answers for birds and bees..

    5. Yeah….good tip…Jona and Isaac always look back at their baby photo, with Dr pulling them out, and still got umbilical cord attached….he,he…easy for me to explain even though I need to say it 1000x

    6. haha Emily is so cute LOL

    7. Emily’s oni thinking abt food eh? hehehe

    8. My fren showed her son a video (for kids) when her son asked abt the birds & the bees.

      Hmm…i gotta ask my fren what video it is to prepare myself for the future.

    9. agreed, Emily is cute!!

    10. like the way EM describe it..hehehe now i’m thinkinbg that my baby is swimming towards the junks i’m eating everyday now.

    11. Emily is very smart, I like the part where she swam and caught chips to eat.