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    • Mess Up Mornings

      I am not a morning person and I love to stay up late. My hubby is the opposite so I gave him the honored to prepare Tim & Em to school in the morning. I will squeeze out every minute of sleep I can get in the morning.

      Last week, my hubby was away to Singapore for training. There goes my morning and here is what it is like.

      9:30pm Lights out for the children.

      Lights out for me. I don’t usually sleep so early, sometimes I can sleep @ 3am.

      7:15am Alarm Rings

      Washed Up & boiled water

      7:30am Children wake up. Hype them up a bit so that they start off the morning with laughter. They washed up & changed. They do not give me much problem.

      7:40am Go downstairs for milk and breakfast.

      Ready for school.

      That is pretty much my mornings and I am glad that I can return back to “sleep in”. Guess what I asked my hubby to buy for me in Singapore. Nothing is cheap in Singapore except for electronic stuff. Here is what he got for me. What an irony, I do need batteries to charge up for holding the fort alone…hehehehe.

      By the way, these Sanyo Eneloop batteries are very good rechargeable batteries and can last very long. Most of the rechargeable batteries will lose its power if it is not in use for a while. The rate of Eneloop rechargeable batteries losing power is very low so you do not need to charge them all the time. It will save a lot of energy. It is the number 1 selling batteries in Japan. If you want to save the environment switched to use this. This is not a paid post.

      Published on June 29, 2008 · Filed under: Parenting;

    6 Responses to “Mess Up Mornings”

    1. u’re so lucky…

      starting next year, i no more can sleep till 7.10am…after Wien enter primary One…sob sob…

    2. i saw a lot of it in Japan… but i forgot to buy as i thought to buy it later!

    3. hihi, me too, never a morning person, so if possible, push the morning job to hubby too..kiki

    4. gosh…i’m dragging myself up now and then cause I want to stay late, but cause the kids are going school, can’t afford to do that 🙁

    5. Wah…wake up at 7:15 considered early liao meh? kekeke

    6. Mamajo said on

      You really are lucky mommy & wife!! Anyway, I love to wake up in the morning, so, I can finish my tasks before 2 boys wake up….he,he…maybe, I’m old liao