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    • School Shoes II

      After hearing comments from all of you, I am so glad that I am not an alien here. I soaked my school shoes on Friday and washed it on Saturday morning. I let it dry and apply the shoe white on Sunday.

      When I was in school, I love playing netball on the muddy field. In fact I was the school netball player. After a good game, my shoe will covered with mud stain. If I do not soak my shoes, it will be difficult to get the dirty stain out. Anyway, it became a habit.

      By the way, if you are from BBGS and batch of 1987, there is a reunion on 25th July 2008 in Concorde Hotel. However I will not be able to make it due to busy July schedule. 🙁

      My School Then:

      My School Now:

      Published on July 7, 2008 · Filed under: Myself;

    17 Responses to “School Shoes II”

    1. your school is very ‘high class’ now!!! hahhaha

    2. It is such a waste. BBGS is/was such a historical school.

    3. bbgs was such a good school n its a pity now it bcame a mall

    4. wonder why must they “snatch” the land to build mall?

    5. michelle said on

      Jess: You got the right word…snatched. If the missionaries had bought the land, the school will still be there. It took us more than 15-20 years to fight for it and we lost.

    6. wow, look so modernised and canggih now…

    7. quite sad to see all the nice old buildings being tear down…

    8. The school wud still be there if it was a Sek Keb!

    9. michelle said on

      Shooi: It is a Sek Keb school. Surprised? It is all about $$$ aka greed.

    10. haha…your school like my school too, changed a lot! my ex-school’s toilets like those toilets in hotel.

    11. michelle said on

      Huisia: Toilet only? My whole school changed into a shopping mall…hehehehe

    12. So do u visit ‘ur schl’ often when u’re back in KL? 😀

    13. Mamajo said on

      Wow, change to new building – really cool lor…sure your old schoold earn a lot of money from selling the lot to build shopping mall?

    14. wah very sch now very berstandard!

    15. i mean to say your sch now very berstandard!

    16. michelle said on

      sasha: Yeah a business school now, live training for the cashiers, managers, waiters, shop assistance…etc.

      The good thing is you get paid for any courses you take. Just walk into to any shop to ask to sign up for courses. 😛

      Note: Don’t take me seriously pls.

    17. What a shame…