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      I promised that I will blog again about Emily Yamaha JMC, for those parents who are interested in sending the child to music class. Emily has been going to JMC for over 3 months now and she is slowly learning how to play the keyboard, recognizing the different notes and singing in tune.

      For the first few classes, the children were taught how to recognize the music notes. In the DVD, there are songs that are focus on Do, Do Re Me, Do Re Me Fa and Do Re Me Fa So. I must say that the melodies are very catchy and easy to listen. There was a piece that is called “Roller Coaster” and in the music, there were a series of Do. Then another piece that is called “Elephant” that focus on Do Re Do. It is a fun way to teach children music.

      The teacher also taught the children to sing in notes like:

      Twinkle Twinkle Little Star:
      do do so so la la so
      fa fa me me re re do
      so so fa fa me me re
      so so fa fa me me re
      do do so so la la so
      fa fa me me re re do

      Hot Cross Bun
      Hot cross bun, hot cross bun
      Warm and yummy hot cross bun
      me re do me re do
      do do re re me re do

      And of course after recognizing the notes, they get to play the keyboard with their little fingers. Emily fingers are still very small, so she need to stretch a bit to play the note So. Right hand, right thumb on Do and last finger on So.

      At the end of the day, it takes a lot of practice to master it. It is not just robotic playing but it has to be played from the heart. That is when it makes sweet melody.

      By the way, I got her a free keyboard. Why free? It was from my project recognition reward.

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    15 Responses to “Yamaha Junior Music Class II”

    1. Ooo…free keyboard. Does it sound like a real piano?

    2. i am thinking of sending my kids to Yamaha next yr since my girl is still with musikgarten. so i guess parents have to sit in together with our kids at yamaha?

    3. michelle said on

      wen: Yeap, for JMC parent has to sit in. I guess when she is older, she can go by herself.

    4. wah how come u got so many freebies!!!

      You are going to have an music entertainer soon!

    5. michelle said on

      Vien: To a pro, it may not sound like a real piano. For beginners like us, it is ok as long as it is in tune. It is a electronic keyboard.

    6. My girl just started piano classes. She is 6. She is also using the Yamaha system. I agree with you that its a good system thats fun for kids. They even have reward stickers etc which my girl loves. 🙂

    7. michelle said on

      Mumsgather: oooh i forgot about the sticker part. Yeah Emily love the stickers too and the chops.

    8. wow looks very fun for emily. tim didn’t join in?

    9. michelle said on

      Jazz: Tim dislikes classroom concept but I will teach him what I learnt from the class. When he is older, I will ask him again. Maybe a 1-1 class.

    10. I think the JMC concept is a good beginning to learn music as compared to a 1-to-1 piano lesson. Kids will enjoy a more informal lesson.

    11. JMC seems so good ah… interesting!!

    12. Do kid learn music need to invest in real piano?? It is not cheap ler….

    13. michelle said on

      mamajo: At this moment nope. Wait until they reached a higher level, maybe then I need to invest on a piano. Now a electronic keyboard will do.

    14. aahhhh … Misha attended the same course when she is much younger at the Yamaha situated at kelana jaya 🙂

    15. Yikes.. I still haven’t sent Zara back to this yet.

      I have to go enquire again.