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      Early morning as I was rushing out of the house, I was greeted by something strange. Usually I will wear my shoes with my half foot in and fix it when I am in the car. As I was fixing my shoes, my toes felt a little wet and cold. Now my shoes didn’t look wet. I pull out my foot. Suddenly something jump out, it was a small dark looking toad.

      My hubby helped me to catch it by hand and threw it back into our garden. It felt funny, it must been looking for his princess in my shoes. Fortunately I am not frightened by it but it did give me a chill up my spine when it jumped out. At first I thought it was a dead big bug. Lesson learnt, always dust out my shoes before wearing.

      Published on August 5, 2008 · Filed under: Myself;

    10 Responses to “No Princess Here”

    1. eeeeuuu….if i were u, i’d be screaming my lung out. geli nye!!!

    2. hahaaha….i ever experience this. It’s horrible to me. After that incident, i’ll always check my shoes properly before wear it.

    3. Magictree said on

      I’ll probably shiver all over then ‘pengsan’!!!!

    4. luckily u never kill it. hehehe

    5. Eeeiikkkk…if me, sure, I will jump up high and scream liao….+ cry some more….even I see golden lizard pop out in my car air con, also, I cry so charm one….

    6. hahhaha… this is funny!

    7. now i learned to dust my shoes too coz i am freaking afraid of reptiles and bugs and insects..

    8. U so gung-ho one leh. Not frightened by it. Ur hubby lagi geng. Just catch with his bare hands.

    9. no photos? 😛

    10. if it is my hubb…he would expect me to catch it and throw it back into the garden. Actually, i would, but put it in a container so that bryan can look at it closer for a while before releasing it back to the garden.