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    • Of Olympic Day & 080808

      Yeap many of you were correct, Tim drew the one of the Olympic Mascots, Jingjing – bring smiles to children. He got the toy from McDonalds. Today is the Beijing Olympic 2008 opening day. It also falls on 080808. Anyway what is supposed to happen on 080808? People getting married? People delivering babies? For me, it is just another working day.

      I heard from my Beijing counterparts that the site decided to shutdown and request workers to work from home. How nice. I guess it is to reduce traffic congestion on the road. After all, it is a grand day for Beijing.

      By the way, the opening ceremony for Beijing Olympic will be @ 8pm on 08/08/08 Beijing time. If I see another 8, I will go crazy! Talk about auspicious who can beat us Chinese.

      Tell me what you are doing on 08/08/08?

      Someone just send me this, we know what some people will do….Get Themselves Stuck.

      Published on August 8, 2008 · Filed under: Special Day Event;

    16 Responses to “Of Olympic Day & 080808”

    1. i am in office, reading yr blog lor….waiting for 6pm to go home and fetch jayden. I think 6pm is more interesting than 8pm hahahahhaha

    2. those babies who born today are named as “Au Yun Bao Bao” (aka Olympic Baby)

    3. OMGGGG like ants!

    4. wow wow wow…even tree also crowded! crazy…i wonder can the stand those weights 🙂

    5. 8

      *did u go crazy?* heeheehee

      Nothing special except Des celebrated her birthday at school today and I’ll be cooking early for dinner cos Pappy will be coming home early and we’ll be ‘glueing’ our eyes on the TV tonite.

      Oooooeeeee …. those pictures *speechless*. Bound to be lots of people getting hurt.

    6. hehe eh…it’s not 8pm, it’s 8:08 😛

      the opening ceremony was spectacular

    7. Magictree said on

      Gosh….are those for real??

    8. Look at the amt of ppl! I’d def want to be far far away from that crowd. Since I can’t get married or give birth on 080808, it was just an ordinary day for me loh. hahaha

    9. i wonder what time they reach home after the ceremony…hehehe…

    10. wah… I cringe at that sight….

    11. so silly of them..

    12. Wow, the human traffic really look crazy ler!! For me, I just went to work normally and send Jona to music class at night, without even watch the opening ceremony lor….ha,ha

    13. i heard fr radio that the traffic in KL was congested after working hour.
      btw, the opening ceremony was a good show!

    14. Watch from TV. The best.
      But fireworks, TV can’t show the ‘grandness’

    15. michelle said on

      zara’s mama: I heard that the fireworks was more grand on TV and heard that it was not real. It was animated.

    16. OMG!! is china … that’s why.