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    • Of Electricity & Changing Our Lifestyle

      I spotted that my electricity bill has gone up and price also went up.

      Previously: First 200 units are 0.218 per unit. Above 200 units is 0.289 per unit. Not sure what is the ceiling because we never reach it.

      Now: First 500 units are 0.3 per unit. Above 500 units is 0.39 per unit.

      That is about 38% increase for first 200 units. That’s a lot!

      Hrmm…everything is costly now. I told my children that everyone sleeps in the same room so that we only utilize 1 air condition at night instead of 2. My children were so excited and happy to be able to sleep with papa and mummy. My hubby said that they woke up happier too and for Emily, less moody in the morning.

      It is good to have the children sleep together with us. One of my friends said when the children grew older, they probably don’t want to do that. How true, so enjoyed it while I can. They are able to sleep in their own room, if they want too. In addition my family can conserved energy too.

      Let’s see what my electricity bill like for next month.

      Published on August 13, 2008 · Filed under: Parenting;

    15 Responses to “Of Electricity & Changing Our Lifestyle”

    1. wah i never notice that in my bills, probably cause mine every month oso more or less same amount

    2. Magictree said on

      Ha! Ha! I always give that excuse to have the boys in our room even before any increase!! Now I’ve got real good reasons.

    3. yeah, good way to save electricity cost!

    4. That’s an excellent reason and a very good way to save electricity cost!

    5. Didn’t notice there was any increase or not cos Pappy didn’t complain when he paid the bill so can continue using the electricity as usual (until he complains) *clap clap*.

      Des’s still sleeping with us and I don’t intend to separate her into another room cos I like to watch her and smell her when she’s asleep (heehee). It’s true it’ll come a day when the kids will not want to sleep in the same room and will want some privacy of their own. So, better enjoy those sweet moments now.

    6. i think mine more or less the same amount. Maybe we go out more often now.

    7. everything is so expensive now. funny thing is that even if the price of the petrol is coming down, i doubt if the price of the affected thing will come down too 🙁

    8. The kids sure got lucky-lucky with the electricity price hike ;p

    9. You’re so practical! I love my kids to sleep in the same room as well – it feels so *complete* 🙂

    10. Huh? For me, I’m now scratching my head of how to separate Jona and Isaac into their room….ha,ha….even though I not plan too at the moment, but, I need to train them in one way or another that when they grow up, they need to sleep on their own…..

    11. Sean sleeps with us from the beginning… I can’t imagine when or how we’ll start the process of him sleeping in his own room. It will probably take a lot of strategizing! =P

    12. Electricity bill will def be lower next mth. Air-cond consumes a lot of electricity, esp if it’s on the whole nite.

    13. Yea my hubby was complaining about the electricity too..anyways our kids have been sleeping in the same room as us as well..

    14. i check my bill, first 200 unit is 0.218 more than that is 0.39. different state different rate kah?

    15. michelle said on

      miche: Yours is last month’s bill or this month’s bill?