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    • Cause of Unhealthy Parents

      I read an article in a health magazine stating that statistics show that after having children, parents reduce the time for exercise. Many will abandon their exercise program due to limited time and fatigue after taking care of their young ones.

      It is so true. I am not blaming my children for lack of exercise but my poor time management. I have lots to do but little time spent on exercise. I remembered that I used to go hiking up the Bukit Jambul hill after work. Now I am not sure whether I have the stamina to do that. I need to set aside time for exercise. A good tip is to bring the children along for exercise. It will be fun like walk in the park, play some football kicking and go for a run with the children.

      Next thing that the children may cause us to be unhealthy would be encouraging us to eat in fast food chain. Fast food is usually high in carbohydrate, sugar and fat. It is also unhealthy for the children. Most of the time, my children like to go there because of the toy. Maybe I should psycho them in giving them a toy, if they finished their vegetables. :giggles:

      Of course there are the junk foods, the ice-cream, the cheese cakes, carbonated drinks and the list goes on.

      Lastly, for some it is the baby fat that is hard to get rid off after having children. Let me tell you that most people have the wrong concept that pregnant woman needs to eat for 2. However the doctor will advise you otherwise. But who can resist the cravings that are caused by our hormones? The secret in getting rid of those baby fat and you don’t even need to go for those expensive sliming or diet or what not program is breastfeeding. Ask any breastfeeding mom, they will attest to it.

      Do you think your children have made you unhealthy? Share it in the comment box.


      Published on August 15, 2008 · Filed under: Parenting Tip;

    18 Responses to “Cause of Unhealthy Parents”

    1. LOOK AT ME NOW!!!

      I cannot not agree with u!

    2. i still get my once a week badminton session hehe…but i stopped for almost 4 years..lost touch

    3. i think i have to sign up the yoga course asap!!! my living is very unhealthy now!!!

    4. Fast food is my fav!!!! Esp McD…LOL

      Really hv to find time to do more exercise now, else never can get rid the extra FAT!

    5. *sigh* I’ll be so tired after a day of screaming after the monkey and all the house work… where got time to ‘exercise’???

      I miss my single days in Singapore where I can go cycling, rollerblading, kayaking and scuba dive every weekend!

    6. How very true.
      I just argued with my husband over this. He seems to still have time for the things he likes to do, but I do not.
      When he’s home from work, he will go out and run, or take his nap, or read the papers.
      For me, I have to finish work sharply b’cos I need to look after the kids while the maid cooks.
      I can only do things I like when the kids are asleep. Either wake up earlier to exercise or sleep later to read.
      How unfair. πŸ™
      (aiks, taking this opportunity to rant)

    7. michelle said on

      zara’s mama: Time to work things out with your hubby. Hehehe…I would suggest to rotate taking the resp. πŸ˜›

    8. how true how true. I was telling my husb tat i need to get back in shape. I need to start exercise to build my stamina. My fitness level was quite bad before i had it is even worse.

    9. i go for yoga twice a week. im more take good care of myself, eat healthy after my thyroid case.

    10. oh so true for me. dont have time for anything at all!

    11. excuse excuse…hehe….

    12. It is very unfair to put the blame on the kids. Just a good excuse.

    13. my fitness level went down the drain after I quit gymming, and I gave the reason as “no time”. But I never regained my fitness level after that. I try, but it’s just hard. And running after a toddler is simply not the same as a 20-minute run on the treadmill.

    14. You’re right – no time and no energy. Running after kids is an appetite killer for me though so hopefully I can lose those dreaded 15kgs!

    15. I exercise at home now, using video tapes or I would never get any exercise at all! As for food wise, well, I have become the tong sampah. Anything they can’t finish goes into me as I hate to see wastage. So how ar? Haha.

    16. Yes, coz they drive me up the wall so often that I worry I’ll die of stroke at a vy young age. :p

    17. I guess I’m the one who give my sons unhealthy food…he,he…as I’m lazy mommy who don’t cook…

    18. LOL.. I’m an unhealthy Mum.. Junk food lover as well as a non-cook. =P

      My only consolation is that I’m still breastfeeding, so hopefully Sean gets the right nutrition from breast milk other on top of his solid food.