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      Tim is a fan of mooncake, fortunately it is once a year kind of festival. The way Tim eats mooncake, I probably will go bankrupt soon. He can finished one mooncake all by himself. Mooncakes are not what it used to be. I am still a fan of the traditional mooncakes. Now mooncakes comes in many colors and very costly. I remember I used to buy it for half the price.

      A few weeks back, I was shopping at Jusco with Tim and Emily. Tim saw mooncakes and his eyes were big. He kept asking me to buy. I asked him what he wants as there are so many types to choose from. In Jusco, the mooncake’s stalls were setup in rows. Each brand has a menu. Tim picked up the menu and scanned through. He went to the next and the next because he couldn’t find what he wanted. Finally found one stall which have his type but the promoter was nowhere to be found. He was very upset.

      He went to another stall to scan the menu again. After the third stall, he found another of his choice. However, the promoter said that it ran out of stock. Tim was frustrated. By now he scanned through all the stalls but none avail. Anyway we waited for the MIA promoter to return, she did and Tim was happy.

      As for Emily, she told me that she wanted the purple yam mooncake and got what she wants. Simple. Now guess what mooncake Tim wanted? I think only 2 brands has it.

      Tim was looking for is the dragon fruit mooncake, dark pink in the inside.

      Published on August 19, 2008 · Filed under: Food, Timothy;

    14 Responses to “Mooncake Menu”

    1. haha…don’t tell me mooncake also got ultraman or power ranger mould hor. LOL

    2. yum yum tis haagen dass mooncake looks yummy… now got oreo mooncake too

    3. i also prefer the original lotus paste mooncake. find those with new flavours taste weird!

    4. Magictree said on

      Green tea mooncake for Tim?

    5. Don’t tell me they hv olive mooncakes too? kekeke

    6. slavemom:hehehe…you are so funny. I wonder what olive mooncake taste like. 😛

    7. is it the ‘ping bei’ one???

    8. he,he….it must be traditional one – green paste with yolk and kuaci?? Jona love mooncake too

    9. chocolate moon cake? ice cream moon cake?

    10. i still prefer the traditional ones too even though i am not keen on mooncakes nowadays

    11. from the cream mooncake? btw, i notice Tim window shops like you..hehe…

    12. michelle said on

      Vien: Good observation…hehehe

    13. dragon fruit mooncake?? got such mooncake in the market??

    14. Wow.. he won’t take another choice? So you’ll have to go back?

      The variety of mooncakes these days….