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    • The Flower Finally Blossom

      I remembered Emily didn’t want to wear any dresses. She preferred wearing tees and pants/shorts. She didn’t want anyone to tie her hair or put clips on it. She will pull everything down.

      Now she is totally changed, every week when we go to church she wants to put on her lovely dresses. By the way, Jess can sew very pretty dresses. If you have a gal, go to her website to have a look. I got some from her.

      The other day, she was playing with the Barbie doll that I purchased when she was 2. She didn’t know how to play then and it was on sale. She saw some a small packet of plastic and she asked me what it was. I told her that it was to make the nails pretty. At that instance, she demanded I made her nails pretty. Girls are always girls. Look.

      Anyway, she ask me to buy her a princess gown. I wonder which ball she is invited to.

      Published on August 22, 2008 · Filed under: Emily;

    13 Responses to “The Flower Finally Blossom”

    1. Your Emily is growing up la… need to wear a gown for a ball! hahaha..

    2. When she sees other girls dress up beautifully, she will automatically wants to follow. No worries, no worries. “Lui Dai Sap Putt Bin” (Big girl 18 change) *heehee*

    3. oh now she wanna b pretty oledi hehe

    4. wow, nice nails there. It’s normal for girls to want more attention when they gets older. What more a pretty girl like Emily.

    5. Wahh….knows how to pan leng already 🙂

    6. Oh no, must not let my girls see the nail…else…sure they kacau me..

      so ngam, my 2 girls also ask me sew princess gown now after their MaMa bought them crown hair clip…

    7. Goes to show that Emily’s a big girl edi.

    8. girls will always be girls eh

    9. Hahaha! Girls always girls! My little gal started to like to be pretty when she was less than 1 year old. What to do! With mummy and aunties around the house, she expose to all the beauty regime. Want her nails be polished, put on colours, put on lipsticks and only wear what she wants to wear. Now she even imitate me put on blushes! *Faint*

    10. Hihihi….girl is always girl. It is a good sign that she is normal 🙂 Not only Emily, my Isaac (ah boy) love to put on nail polish ler…blue or black colour

    11. Looks like you have another item on your shopping list now..hehe..

    12. Wow wow..

      Now into nail polish and stuff.. beyond the dress stage already.

    13. michelle said on

      Vien: Yeah, fortunately I have to take the money save from diapers to get her those stuff…kekeke.