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    • Healthy Snacks For Children

      Tim loves this and so do I. It is the Japanese Green soy bean called Edamame. I got a pack from Jusco and I usually steam it when I want some snacks to chew on. Another great snack that my family has is sweet corn. Tim and Emily love getting those little corns out from the cob. It is another healthy way to snack. It is definately better than fries, chips or sweets.

      Now Emily discovered prunes from SunSweet. After she takes it, her stool becomes soft.

      Published on August 25, 2008 · Filed under: Food, Parenting;

    10 Responses to “Healthy Snacks For Children”

    1. I also hope to get my boy to snack on healthy stuff instead………

    2. Magictree said on

      Never tried those beans before…how do they taste?

    3. magictree: To me, it is quite tasty even without salt. If you go to any Japanese place to eat, you can order it and try.

    4. My kids love these beans too! I love them too.
      BTW, I want to ask you, does Emily still have Kidney Reflux? What grade was her KR? Coz my baby has Grade III KR and I’m really devastated πŸ™

    5. Both Jona and Isaac love raisin:p

    6. Your kids are so healthy. Mine snack on deep fried stuff.. πŸ™

    7. my kids hardly eat this. they r just not so into it..hubby likes it though

    8. My fren’s picky eater loves this too. I should get some for B to try.

    9. chooi peng said on

      recently, i like this green soy beans too

    10. Thanks for sharing. I eat snacks everyday and so choosing healthy ones is very important. I don’t want to gain pounds because of them.

      Greetings from Tim. πŸ™‚