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    • Call Me “SMART”

      Yesterday, daddy cut a pear for Tim and Emily. He put 3 pieces on each bowl. He put it on the table for them to eat. Tim was enjoying his mooncake. Daddy came around and took one piece to eat. Now on the table are 1 bowl of 3 and the other bowl of 2.

      Emily came around to eat her pear. I said “Give me one piece”. She took the bowl of 2 and offered me. I took 1. Wow I thought she was very generous and nice of her to take the bowl of 2. Later she passed to Tim and asked him to take 1. Tim took 1.

      She took the bowl of 3 and said “It’s all mine”. :rolleyes:

      Published on August 26, 2008 · Filed under: Emily;

    19 Responses to “Call Me “SMART””

    1. hehe…she got your genes… 😛

    2. I do agree with Jess…she’s as smart as you.

    3. yah yah. this is so call “SMART” hahaha

    4. Magictree said on

      Ms Emily is sure Smart and Cheeky

    5. Hahaha. Now thats what I call SMART!

    6. Wow, she really smart and cheeky girl….he,he….

    7. chooi peng said on

      haha.. really smart gal!!

    8. hahaa… she is a smart cookie there!

    9. Haha… smart girl! She must have learnt it from mummy?

    10. haha…she is definitely a little smart girl!

    11. real smart!~

    12. haha shes reli cute n smart 🙂

    13. Em’s the champion! 😉

    14. You taught her to do that, didn’t you? 😛

    15. michelle said on

      Giddy Tigress:Nope. Don’t think I will ever teach my children to do that. If you know what I mean.

    16. wah, smart kid leh!

    17. She is a smart and cheeky gal! hahaha

    18. girl!!

    19. She loves pear so much?