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      With these 2 children of mine, I can set up a laundry business. Maybe not. Every time when my hubby or I take in the laundry, my children will volunteer to help fold clothes. They can fold their own clothes, of coz not to perfection. I often have to fix some that are jotting out. I am sure they treat this as a play thing for them.

      “Mummy first make it flat on the floor. Beat Beat Beat till it is really flat. Then fold and fold and fold”

      Who is complaining right? As long as I get all the clothes fold. It is good to teach the children to do little house chores. You can use fun way to teach them. At this age, whatever we asked them to do, they think it is fun.

      They are very happy to water the plants, wash the car, put the laundry into the machine, mop the floor, wipe the table after meal and sweep the floor. Next my hubby is going to teach them how to wash their own school shoes.

      Oh, Emily requested that I buy her a toy iron so that she can help me iron. :rolleyes:

      This is the second time I saying this, “Who needs a maid when I have them?”

      Published on August 28, 2008 · Filed under: Parenting Tip;

    11 Responses to “Laundry Business”

    1. Your hub is really good at teaching them doing domestic chores, eh?

    2. Kids always love to help around the house, if only we’d let them help out more. 🙂

    3. Magictree said on

      My children will only do some of those for a few times…then ‘retire’. I guess they are like me…the ‘hangat-hangat tahi ayam’ kind!

    4. yaya..they are great helper sometimes…now my two want to help out in kitchen too…but always kena chase out by hub. too dangerous lar!

    5. Can send your lil helpers here to help me fold m mountains of laundry or not??? :mrgreen:

    6. wow….yur children are really helpful!!

    7. u really have very helpful children….why not make more of them…you might have a masseur next.;)

    8. My kids also love to help around in the house. I wonder if they will still volunteer to help when I do away with the maid one day.

    9. so good, u got two little helper to help u for the house chores. Hope mine when they grow a bit older, they can help me too.

    10. i ve 2 ask 4 help onli my son do it or else he expect us 2 do it…he is a lazy boy

    11. I guess that’s the good thing about not having a maid.

      My girls.. every thing ‘AUNTIE DO’. 🙁