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      I was having a conversation with Tim and Em. I asked both of them whether they missed por por.

      Mummy: Haven’t seen por por for a long time. Do you miss por por?

      Tim & Em: Yes I missed por por.

      Mummy: You call por por to come to Penang and visit you. *testing the water*

      Tim & Em: We go visit por por. I want to go por por house.

      Mummy: I called por por and ask her to come visit us.

      Tim & Em: Don’t ask por por to come here. We go to por por house. I like to stay in por por’s house.

      Both of them like to go down to KL more than anything. They always ask me when they can visit por por. I wonder do they really missed por por or they want to go KL?

      Why do they like grandma house? Maybe it is the dog or the food or the shopping or por por gifts or just being there.

      Published on August 31, 2008 · Filed under: Parenting;

    7 Responses to “Grandma’s House”

    1. maybe they just like traveling. LOL

    2. hehe…kids need a break too! 🙂

    3. maybe its everything!

    4. so when you balik kampung?

    5. I guess they enjoying the feeling of packing clothes into bag, drive all the way to KL in car, stop in rest house, etc….that’s fun mah…

    6. Por Por dotes on them?
      Or maybe, to them, it’s a holiday to be away from home. 🙂

    7. it’s that special bond poh-pohs always have with their grandchildren. just like my mum and kids..