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      Sometimes I am really amazed how children can absorb the things we say. I was telling my son things and I thought he was not listening but I often find surprises. Here is what I heard when Tim was having a conversation with Emily.

      Tim: You cannot bring this toy over there (to the babysitter’s place).
      Emily: Can.
      Tim: Later lost then you know.
      Emily: *ignore*
      Tim: You don’t listen to me, is it?

      Those were my exact words to Tim when I asked him not to bring his transformer toys to babysitter place. And I thought he was not listening to me. I have to really be careful of what I say at home. My hubby was upset with me when he copied me by saying “Your Head”. My bad. Yeah it is difficult for them to unlearn what they have learned. :wall: So next best thing is to confuse him by saying “your feet”, “your hand”,…etc. :giggles:

      Published on September 4, 2008 · Filed under: Parenting;

    14 Responses to “Exact Words”

    1. funny lah you!! your feet your, hand also can!

    2. I used to tell my girl, “I’m not your servant yunno.” when she tries to ask me to do everything for her. Now she tells me that her classmates think she is a servant because they always ask her to do things for them like keeping their color pencils etc. Alamak!

    3. My little parrot (Lyon) copy most of the wording from her sister, including scolding her sis back using her sis’s word. LOL

      ….but don’t u think it is fun to hear them say so.

    4. My girl will oso imitate the way I say things or scold her. It’s funny when she uses them on didi. NOT funny at all when she uses them on us.

    5. Hee hee.. yah.. we really have to be careful.

    6. ya we reli need to watch out for our words.. not easy yea

    7. Magictree said on

      “My Head” is my favourite but I told the boys only I can say them!!!

    8. Magictree said on

      Ooops…I meant to say “Your Head”.

    9. Same here. Got to be very careful!

    10. Ha,ha…the kids is doing ‘mirroring’ function of what we say… is absolutely true lor….how I scold Jona, and now, he is using that on Isaac….the funny part is, when Isaac ask me to grab something for him, and I always ask him and then, told him “Your legs chopped off already is it?”…Now, everytimes, I ask him, he will reply “My legs chopped off already lor”….ha,ha…

    11. Hi, the conversation was really funny. Yeah, the kid is able to imitate the exact words we spoke in our daily life. Actually this is my concern because I’m afraid my kid will easily learn bad words from me or others. So I have to be extra careful when I speak in front of my kid. It’s really a tough job…

    12. haha, i have the same experience as you.

    13. I read from that kids will start imitate sounds in their 6th month ( What so early?! So we should be aware of our words even in front of a baby 🙂 the best is practice not to speak bad words haha.

    14. Oopss.. sorry that I didn’t notice that my posting is awaiting moderation. thought of not getting through and posted again.. pai seh pai seh..