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    • Built Up Their Creativeness

      I must say that Lego is one of the must have toys for children. It will allow you children to sit down and use their creativeness to create something. In turn it makes them use their right brain which is good. Look what Tim and Emily have made. They have hours of fun with it. Whenever I have a chance to go to US, I will loot some Lego back.

      Another good construction toys is LASY construction but I heard it is no longer in the market. I hope someone will bring it back.

      Tim’s Transformer Robot:

      Emily’s Gun:

      Published on September 5, 2008 · Filed under: Toys;

    9 Responses to “Built Up Their Creativeness”

    1. Oh, I didn’t know US is THE place to buy lego. Is it much much cheaper there?

    2. Shern’s Mom: Definitely cheaper than here. My hubby got the whole box for US20.

    3. lego is surely famous for it, and its high price too, hehe…

    4. yeah not onli the children love it some of us love to play wit it too hehehe

    5. Angeleyes said on

      I can’t agree more! 😛

    6. Emily so cute…her toy is a gun! Must be kor kor’s influence!

    7. agree with u, i love my kids playing lego too

    8. I, 100% agree with you…so, when there is a sales for LEGO, I won’t miss it out….

    9. Yes.. lego is really good.. but I really hate those missing pieces or step on any pieces on the floor. 🙁