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      Last Saturday I received a package from the postman. I always look forward when the postman comes because he may delivers some surprises for me or the family. 🙂 It was for Emily. I told her and she was all excited. It was 3 beautiful dresses made by Jess.

      Immediately Emily wanted to put it on and I took my camera. She loved the tang lung yellow dress. Now she can wear it during mooncake festival celebration in our taman next week, carrying her tang lung. Here they are and aren’t they beautiful?

      As for me, I caught a flu bug on Saturday and my system has been down since. However still no fever still…sigh. My nose is all stuff up and feeling very tired. Yesterday I had kerabu fried taufu and I can only taste spicy. I cannot taste sour or salty. :wall: My bak kut teh tasted blend, so is my hokkien mee. I lost my taste bud. Sad hor?

      Worst is I am having department team building today. We will be watching “Money Not Enough”, tell me about it.

      Published on September 9, 2008 · Filed under: Emily, Myself;

    20 Responses to “Simply Beautiful”

    1. ya the yellow one look very nice n cute… gosh sorry to hear dat u r not well… wah bak kut teh my fav hehehe

    2. oh she’s so pretty!!

    3. emily is looking good in those dresses!

    4. So colourful and sweet. Hehe. Hope you get your taste buds back soon yah?

    5. Emily must be so excited to c so many pretty dresses.
      Hope u get well soon.

    6. she look sweet n pretty ..the clothes also look comfortable tooo..

      You take care n get well soon…

    7. i also sick…sigh sigh sigh
      Hope you get well soon!

    8. Very nice leh. I know that Jess makes dresses, but din know that she sells them too.

    9. I like the red one. So pretty!!

    10. She is a tall girl!! Don’t know till CNY she’ll outgrown those dresses mah….

    11. one not-so-old auntie at my workplace tell me hor, she got this magic mumbo jumbo cure for flu. she say hor, to pur vicks on the sole on your feet and then wear socks over it before you go to sleep. then tomorrow moring all the flu bug will fly away liao.

    12. Luv the pink dress! Emily looks really girly in all those dresses!

    13. the dresses are so sweet..

    14. How about buy one spagetti dress for your cutie?

    15. she looks so sweet..

    16. very pretty!

    17. Emily looked so sweet in the red dress!

    18. What a pretty girl!!!
      You take care yah….looks like many blogger mummys down with the flu……….

    19. she looks pretty!

    20. Like the red floral print ones the most.