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    • Amigurumi Bear

      The other day I was in Borders browsing some books. I love to go to the craft sections. I saw this book on making Amigurumi. I never heard that word before. Amigurumi is a knitted stuff toy. It can be done either by knitting or crochet. It is a Japanese art.

      I fell in love with all the little stuff toys in the book. I didn’t get the book because I knew that the Internet will have some free patterns for me to start something. If I fail, at least I don’t waste money on the book.

      I was eager to go to the thread shop to get the yarn and a needle. I text shoppingmum to find out what needle size to buy. She is the guru when it comes to knitting or crochet. I got everything and started working. I must not stop else it will never finish. I must do from start to end.

      Hey I haven’t been crocheting for 20 years. I did a little crocheting when I was young but never really make anything out of it. I think I did make a hat, I cannot really remember. However it is amazing when I picked up the crochet needle, I started to remember the stitches. I was doing this while watching the Moonlight Resonance online.

      Here ya go…cute? Next I will make a bunny.

      Published on September 11, 2008 · Filed under: Craft, Credit Card, Hobby;

    20 Responses to “Amigurumi Bear”

    1. Kawaii! First balloon, this…

    2. Well done…next time do some crochet flower for me to sew on my dresses!

    3. Thats lovely, Very very cute. Can sell also. Hehe.

    4. Pai seh to be called guru. 😛
      I love your bear, at some point, I’m tempted to crochet one too. LOL!

    5. Shoppingmum: Hey I remembered you knit a nice horse for Justin. It is so much nicer than my bear. 😉

    6. Very terrorlah you. Where you find time huh?

    7. 20 yrs din do crocheting n this is ur end product? *geng* Vy nice n cute!

    8. slavemom:It is all in the pattern. This product only needs 1 stitch type, that is why it is not that hard. 😉

    9. woh so cute n nice leh… difficult to do kah?

    10. i can never do it coz am never good with stitching, crocheting, etc.

      but i like the bear bear, so cute la

    11. wow, the bear looks nice!!!

    12. It really so nice ler….I did learn it when I’m expecting Jona, but, immediately he born, I put it aside liao inside a box till today….ha,ha…

    13. hey, that’s very nice and neat! makes perfect baby gifts 😀

    14. cute..

      1st timer and can do so well?

    15. it looks so nice n cute le!!! Can i request one from you??? ahhahaa….

    16. wah nice leh..and u call urself 1st timer…how can!!

      keke, u oso chasing moonlight hah, me too keke

    17. You r really good at it!

    18. The bear looks like the one my wife made as well… 😀 sometimes if you get hooked up doing stuff with crochet, you will never stop hehehe…

    19. Such a nice bear, very good for a first timer. You are really good with your hands, yeah.

    20. Ooooiiii! Really very cute leh. I also think can sell. Customize and crochet names on it sommo, can sell for big $$.