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    • Over A Piece Of Paper

      Yesterday Timothy woke up from his afternoon nap and was in an annoying mood. He started to whine making noises as he wanted daddy to draw one of his Transformers. Daddy gave in and drew one for him. He was coloring it and adding some pictures of his own. He went back into his normal self. He really knows how to annoy daddy and I with his whining. If we scold him, he will cry nonstop and I am not exaggerating. However his crying has reduced as he grows up.

      I had some friends over for a pot bless dinner and he was showing his Transformer drawing to some of them. Towards the end as I was cleaning up and he was playing with his “kau fu”, my brother, I threw some paper away. I didn’t know what it was.

      After everyone left, he started looking for his drawing and couldn’t find it. He started whining again asking me to help him find. He didn’t want to go to bed until I find the drawing. I was able to send him up to his bedroom but he was still whining.

      I had no choice but to go to the dustbin and dig out the garbage to see what I threw. Fortunately it was on the top. I had to sanitize it with some dettol spray before I went up to his bedroom to show him. If he didn’t see it, I bet he will not be able to sleep in peace. He was happy again. Sigh.

      I don’t blame him as I will feel not satisfied if I lost something and couldn’t find it. However as an adult we can get over it. I guess Timothy needs to learn to get over things. Any idea how to teach a child to get over things? I tried distraction but it didn’t work.

      By the way, I tell you in a couple of days he will forget about that piece of paper and he will chucked it to the dustbin himself.

      Published on September 15, 2008 · Filed under: Timothy;

    13 Responses to “Over A Piece Of Paper”

    1. what i want to say is, WOW your huhby can draw the transformer? so keng!!!

    2. haha, same like my son here!

    3. not only my girls, I also couldn’t sleep if i couldn’t find my thing…

    4. luckily mine can be persuaded and distracted. 😛

    5. My boys and me are like that too…must find until ‘found’. Ha! Ha! If really can’t, then no choicelah…they will sulk for a few days.

    6. my girl too like that. normally i’ll hide it for a while before i throw her junks, hehe…

    7. all that over a piece of paper. He’s really a determine boy, must get what he want. That drawing looks great by the way.

    8. Children have fanstastic memory!!

    9. My almost 2 years old girl having the same problem too. We must almost give her everything that she wants. I am trying one method thought in the newspaper though.

      I will tell you if it really works. Ha!

    10. wow,your hubby really can draw!
      This happens to me Jo too..

    11. Luckily my girl is ok with losing things. hahaha The thing I can’t stand is her whining or crying over small small matters.

    12. wah ur hubby draw very nice transformer

    13. That’s why they are called Kids, I guess…as it goes same for Jona and Isaac…will hold with it for several days only and then, bye bye liao