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      I was browsing my hubby’s iPhone and found some interesting pictures. Let my children show you the right way to eat and drink.

      The most comfortable position of eating

      Eat with 2 spoons

      Or drink with 2 straws – Orange & Coke Cooktail. Who needs a shaker??!!

      Published on September 19, 2008 · Filed under: Parenting;

    13 Responses to “The Right Way”

    1. i agree that that is the most comfortable way to eat. =)

    2. the most comfortable way to eat= kopitiam way….haha…my Wien likes to eat this way too! we are ok with it but not my mom….she’ll nag nag nag once she saw her doing so while eating….

    3. No2 eats that way too…apek style but daddy sure ask him to put his legs down.

    4. Hope Tim din get any stomachaches after that Orange-Coke cocktail. LOL

    5. hahahha that is hilarious!!!! Kids do the darnest things!

    6. LOL!!!! my boy likes to eat with his leg up too la…

    7. oh emily is good in feeding herself… we still have to feed samuel EVERY meal

    8. Er… no doubt that’s a very comfortable position. Luckily, Emily is wearing pants. LOL!

      And, Boy! Your orange and Coke Cocktail should be great! Mind to share? But, looks like both already empty. So, that’s innovative and fast too. Good idea. Hahaha……

    9. Your kids are really funny. The trishaw man position of eating indeed is comfortable hor?

    10. So good ler, the way Emily sitting…really so funny like old people sit lor…

    11. hahha… i will only use two straws in the same drink.

    12. the tong sui so cute one … three little bowls.

    13. Hahaha..

      Kids do things more efficiently than adults.

      Btw, what is Emily eating? Looks like some tong-shui in small portion? Good idea though, b’cos normally we want to try a few types, but 1 bowl is too filling.