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    • Something About Friday

      It must happen on Friday, I am not sure why. Of all days, my children get sick on Friday most of the time, must be something about Friday. Friday is not a good day to be sick because none of my family pediatrician is available. There is no evening clinic and my children’s pediatric is off on Friday.

      4pm: Friday afternoon, Emily threw up her lunch and vomited a few times. It must be a tummy virus. She even threw up while I took her to the hospital. Fortunately I brought a plastic bag with me. The doctor on duty confirmed that it is a tummy virus. He asked us to let her go on liquid diet, no oily and fried food. One interesting thing he said was, it will help her if she passes motion. That will get rid of whatever toxin in her.

      I asked for a bottle of Probiotic to get some good bacteria for her tummy. I asked him about V or Y drinks, can I give her and get overdose of good bacteria. He said there is no harm because whatever overdose, the body will get rid. On top of that, those drinks may not have live bacteria in it too. Interesting isn’t it? Total cost me of the doc visit was RM138.00 and most of it was the medicine cost. Thanks goodness I can claim that back.

      When we reached home, I gave her some medicine but she vomited everything out. Nothing can get in to her little tummy. I just gave her diluted Ribena, at least there is glucose for energy in a zippy cup. She zip whenever she wants to drink. She watched some cartoon and I sent her off to bed with no milk.

      10pm: Later in the night, she had high fever and I gave her panadol. She threw up after panadol. Fortunately she threw up at the door of the toilet. I suppose she didn’t get to the toilet in time to throw up. Anyway, I cannot give her panadol again because I don’t know how much went in. I sponge her a bit and daddy put “cool fever” on her forehead.

      After 2am: She slept and I monitored her throughout the night. Funny me, I was dreaming that she got up and wanted to vomit. I woke up and gave her the bucket, I placed bucket beside me in case she wants to throw up. I opened my eyes and she was sleeping soundly. However her body is still warm, I had to sponge her again. She drank water occasionally. I had the zippy cup next to her.

      10 am: Saturday morning, she was feeling better. Fever is gone. I gave her 4oz of milk and she could drink. I asked her to sit on her potty to watch cartoon. She did and passed motion. Good for her. I gave her porridge with some tasty seed weed on it. She like it and ate some. She also had that for dinner. No vomiting. I didn’t give her any medicine but only 1 capsule of Probiotic. Doc said it is good to give 1 capsule every day. The rest of the medicine will be history.

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    17 Responses to “Something About Friday”

    1. Get well soon, Emily.

    2. Thanks Jess, she has fully recovered. 😉

    3. Glad to hear that she has recovered!

    4. Count me on!! Same goes for my boys…always sick on Friday, when their paed is off…..

    5. poor emily but thank god she recovers fast

    6. hope she gets well soon.

    7. hope she gets well soon. at least no fever.

    8. B also have a habit of getting sick on Friday. I hate it coz eventhough PD’s office is open on Sat & Sun, it is packed full of people. Really sien.

      Glad to know Emily is fine now.

    9. Food poisoning? What does she eat every Friday?

    10. Get well soon … hope she can eat more later …

    11. Magictree:She ate whatever Tim ate, there wasn’t anything special. Or maybe Tim is stronger. 😛

    12. Sorry to hear that. Hope your kids get well soon!

    13. glad to hear that she is well now.

    14. Oh dear, hope Emily is all ok and back to normal now. Re V & T, it’s true that there is very little (if at all) health benefits. My FIL, who is a chemist, confirmed that there is so little live bacteria in these drinks that it won’t make any difference to our bodies. That’s why my kids don’t take them.

    15. Good thing she recovered fast. Recently there r many cases of children with tummy virus.

    16. I also give my 5-mo baby a capsule of probiotics daily. But haiyah… still kena UTI so frequently 🙁

    17. Good that she got better so quickly.

      btw, is the pro-biotic tasty or yucky?