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      My FIL can be very funny at times and I must record this incident down. One morning he came to our home to help us to fetch the children to school. Sometimes it takes a while for Emily to fully wake up in the morning. I will turn on the TV for her to watch cartoon while she takes her milk. However the TV volume was very low.

      My FIL picked up our cordless phone on top of the TV and ask Emily to increase the volume. :giggles:

      Too bad Emily was half awake to notice that. She would have laugh at yeah yeah if she saw the cordless phone.

      Yeah Yeah does the darnest thing. :clap: At least he cheered my morning up with his little humor.

      Published on September 23, 2008 · Filed under: Parenting;

    8 Responses to “Yeah Yeah”

    1. You have a good FIL too!

    2. he is soo sporting n really cheer up your day…

    3. haha…..that is cute!!

    4. hehehe… I used the tv remote to turn on the fan once too! shhh……

    5. hehehe…

    6. Haha! He really has a good sense of humor.

    7. hehe my girl will use any controller to point at anything ahhaha

    8. Haha.. he has some sense of humour.

      How come my girls’ yeh-yeh don’t have one?