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    • Making A Non-Sew Tutu

      I was asked by many bloggers on how to make a tutu without sewing. I decided to take pictures to show you how simple it can be, since I have to make 20 of them. I will be repeating this process many times. Remember to donate to my paypal if you like it, donate icon on the right. :giggles:

      First you need to get the netting material for Kamdar. Kamdar is much cheaper than craft shops. Next you need to measure your child. You need to measure her waist and her waist to knee. Emily waist is 47cm and waist to knee is 35cm.

      You need to place the netting material onto a table for cutting.
      You need to double the “waist to knee” measurement that will be 70 cm for my case. You measure 70 cm and cut.

      Next you need to roll it like what I have in the picture. Remember to roll it the right way to get 70cm strips. You need to measure 6 inches width to cut.

      Now for the waist, you cut 3 x waist measurement in length ribbon, for me is 47×3 = 141cm. Tie a knot at the waist length marker so you know where to start and where to end. Tie the ribbon to a pillow or a chair before doing the following.

      Here is how you tie it and it should take 20 minutes while watching TV. If you are doing a fairy tutu, you can mix the color. One white strip, one colored strip, one white strip, one colored strip…..etc

      Hey here is the angel wing. I finally found a nice cloth to do the wing. Like it?

      Published on September 29, 2008 · Filed under: Craft;

    26 Responses to “Making A Non-Sew Tutu”

    1. Where did you get this idea from? Impressive!!!

    2. Creative! thanks for sharing!

    3. thanks for sharing….my girls would love this. will definitely try making the tutu soon. =)

    4. wow mich, u are keng lah…..

    5. U’re really good in craft work. 😉

    6. I can’t find other word other than geng… 🙂

    7. Eh, you lost me at the 3rd step: roll and width cutting. I’ll im you later.

    8. Nvm..I figured it out..hehe…

    9. Clearer than the video tutorial hor!

    10. It is really nice and simple….too bad, I don’t have girl…ha,ha..another excuse for lazy mom like me…

    11. its might looks easy but it looks complicated to me la….

    12. Thanks! Thanks!

      I’m going to go Kamdar and get some material to do this for Zara and Zaria. They’ll love it.

      Btw, are you going to share with us how to make the wings also?

    13. Vien: After you cut the roll, open up. It will be a 70cm strips. With those strips…you tie knots.

    14. wow….u are a super mum!
      see is easy, but not when u r doing it…good job! 🙂

    15. *thumbs up*

    16. that’s really cute and creative… very nice

    17. The wing is really nice. Ermmm, the tutu looks hard to make leh. You are really good!

    18. You are really creative!!

    19. Zara’s mama: For the wings you need a hard wire. Shape it and glue the cloth onto the wire. I used UHU glue. Next put a ribbon at the center and tie.

    20. very keng ah U!!!

    21. Wow! very pretty tu-tu and wings! =D
      Too bad, I have a son..I doubt he’ll like a tu-tu and wings =P

    22. Angeleyes said on

      wah wah! Great idea! Too bad I don’t have a girl!

    23. wow wow wow…amazing!!!

    24. got to go to Kamdar liao… hehe
      the wing is it like how we make tanglung, same method?

    25. icic…. very nice and look easy … must try only know can do or not … hahhaha, but if purchase tutu outside, quite EX lei ….

    26. I know a lot ballerinas would love this! Aiyah, didn’t know I can do it the no-sewing method. Great idea you had there.