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    • Rain Drop Keep Falling On My Head

      The rainy season just started in Penang. It started raining at 2am yesterday and was still raining in the afternoon. Oh by the way, every time we have heavy rain in Penang, there will be flood water everywhere on the road. My children like to see the flood water splashing when car drive through it. They called it “milo” water.

      Anyway, I didn’t expect this, raining in my bedroom. Yesterday I was snoozing and suddenly felt water dripping on my feet. I thought I was dreaming or the water was from my air cond. I got up and switched on the dimmer light. I found a small hole up my ceiling. I quickly went to the bathroom to get a pail to hold the water.

      My hubby was in deep sleep and so are my children. It is funny because occasionally the water will dripped on the fan blade and practically sprinkled everyone. Imagine none of them felt anything. Look how slumber they can be. If I didn’t wake up, my room will be flooded. :wall:

      My ceiling is plastered and the top layer is wood. I don’t understand how the hole got there. Anyway, I will need to call the roof repair man to fix my roof too. My house has not reached 10 years yet, it started to have this small problem. Sigh.

      Published on October 1, 2008 · Filed under: Home;

    10 Responses to “Rain Drop Keep Falling On My Head”

    1. wah looks like quite a big hole…

      btw, replying to your comment: yes, he lost his chubbiness, that’s one of his latest pic 🙂

    2. oh its a big hole there

    3. better paste back faster, else more bigger hole. 😛

    4. alamak plastered samo..

    5. Yea lar..that hold looks big…and looks like man made too..or maybe animal made.

    6. Yea lar..that hole looks big…and looks like man made too..or maybe animal made.

    7. oh no… How inconvenient for u guys

    8. THe downside of living in a house vs apt. 🙁

    9. Geee…the hole look like being poke by someone…anyone try to enter your house illegally?

    10. why is there a hole on the ceiling? so the roof is leaking? better get it fixed up.