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      My children love to play with water for whatever reason. They will be very delighted playing in the pool or river. I am glad in Penang, there are places for water play that is close to nature. We went to a little water fall in Botanical Garden. I must say that it is clean and beautiful. In fact my children love it there.

      It is a good place to bring your children there and have a picnic by the greens. You can catch small fish, play sand and water. I bet your children can have hours of fun and best of all, it is free!

      Isn’t the water fall beautiful? By the way, I had a wedding photo shot there too….

      Published on October 6, 2008 · Filed under: Penang;

    12 Responses to “Back To Nature”

    1. You know or not? You made me miss Penang!

    2. i have never play by the river before wen i was young.. if i have the chance i will sure bring my kids there…
      psst… can show us ur wedding photo shot? hehe

    3. My kids too – love water so much!! Just ‘bribe’ hubby, telling him, to bring us for beach holiday on my birthday, and I dont’ want present…imagine… ‘ker lian’ one….he hate driving locally…that’s why..

    4. wedding photo shot? where can see??

    5. The water fall is beautiful! Makes me wanna be there with my boy too 🙂

    6. I hope you can show us your wedding photo, pretty please can?

    7. nice waterfalll….

    8. Nice… bet the plc will be vy crowded on w/ends.

    9. michelle said on

      Slavemom:Actually we went on a Sat and there were only us and another family.

    10. yup … penang is a wonderful place to live for the nature. When I was there during my childhood, my parents always bring us to somewhere … there is usually a stream and we tried to catch the ‘pi kok hu’ from the stream to bring home as food for our bigger fishes.

    11. Have sweet memory there lei. Now u go back again with two sweet kids.

    12. I think Penang’s botanical garden is really nice.. Sooo big some more.

      So you must bring your kids there more often.