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      Yesterday before bed, I had a fun time with my children. We switched roles, pretending to be each other:

      Timothy, the mummy:
      Faster go brush your teeth now or I get the “sar tan” (aka cane)

      Emily, the Timothy: It is Transformers, not transform us. *with angry expression*

      Mummy, the Emily: Don’t touch me, go away. *whining sound*

      I shall go no further otherwise all our secrets will get out.

      We had a good laugh. We also acted out how the other person actions. It is really a good way to see ourselves in their eyes and let them see themselves too. You can try it at home with older kids.

      I created a way to discipline my children by themselves. I told them during Christmas each will receive a present. The size of the present will depends on how good they are. When they are naughty, don’t listen to me or disobedient, I will start to put 2 hands apart and shrink, saying your present is getting smaller..*tit* *tit* *tit*. Instantly they will obey or listen.

      Of coz, when they are good by doing things on their own, I will say “your present is growing bigger, bigger, bigger….oooh mummy cannot carry”. They will be very happy and excited. Emily would say, “Quick ask papa to carry!” Let’s hope this will lasts till Christmas.

      Published on October 8, 2008 · Filed under: Parenting Tip;

    11 Responses to “Roles Playing Fun”

    1. this sounds fun. i wanna try tonight to find out how they will act mommy out! 🙂

    2. Hi, was at Vien’s place noticed your callsign.
      Good way of having fun with the kids. Enjoy them, as they grow very fast.
      Beautiful kids you have too….
      You keep well and have a great week, Lee.

    3. Magictree said on

      Ha! Ha! Interesting….wonder how it would work out for my kids.

    4. hehe…we played this b4. Each time when they act my role, they will go take out the rottan and instruct me do this n that! LOL

    5. haha ur kids r funny…
      hey i got an award for u… check it out

    6. Good idea!! I should try it out on my kids….if you are naughty, pressie get smaller….kah,kah..

    7. a good game indeed! u r creative!

    8. haha…u really have a way to deal with them 😉

    9. Hahah! That sound interesting and fun. Make us (the adult) feels like kid again, playing with our kids, right?

    10. The mommy role is usually the fierce sounding one. LOL.

    11. I like to do this with my kids also.. and Zara does such a good impersonation of Zaria, the pronunciation and all.