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    • Children Concert & Graduation

      Finally my boy Tim has graduated from kindy and moving on to primary school next year. Six years just whoosh pass so fast. I still remembered the day when I delivered him and struggled with lots of sleepless night. Now he is standing tall. Doesn’t he look like a Chinese Scholar like from the Ching Dynasty or something?

      Today is his graduation and also my children’s concert. Both of them had a great time. A big thank you to the teachers, who put almost a year effort into this concert. Yeap I heard the children started practicing first half the year.

      The tadika had strict rules about photography because some parents can be inconsiderate. They will stand in front of everyone to take pictures of their child. This year, no camera allowed. The tadika hired 1 professional video man and 1 camera man to do the shots, which is fair. Everyone gets to relax and enjoy the show.

      I liked the concert because the teachers incorporated two stories telling and the children acted fantastically. They have snow white and the good Samaritan stories. My children did great too. Anyway that’s not what I wanted to write about but the funnies things that the children did at some parts of the concert.

      Here are the funnies:
      • Emily was yawning during the middle of the singing.

      • Someone dig his nose during the singing although the parents signal him not to do that.

      • One boy was arguing with his friend about his toys on the stage during the start of his performance.

      • There was a prop technical issue. In one of the scene there were 2 robbers attacking a boy where the 2 robbers were suppose to snatch the boy’s belongings. However the 2 robbers couldn’t get the bag away from him. It took them a long while to get it off him.

      • Snow White couldn’t bite the apple, she had a few attempts.

      • During one of the prize giving ceremony, one of the children forgot that she was suppose to be on stage to receive the prize.

      Here are the videos that made me proud of my children.

      Published on November 2, 2008 · Filed under: Parenting;

    18 Responses to “Children Concert & Graduation”

    1. Emily dress is nice!

      so fast our kids going to enter primary already….

    2. Well done Tim!!! Your observations about the concert are funny!

    3. hmm… dun they grow up fast… before we reliase, they grad from U hehe

    4. time just flies, a little fragile baby is now going to attend primary 1 soon..

    5. Tim, congratulations on your first graduation, and many to come (until uni mah) 🙂

    6. Tim… congratulation… well done… and more to come ya… and emily look really sweet 🙂

    7. congrats tim! time juz flies, next will be graduation fr Uni 😀

    8. hahahha u’re supposed to look at yr kids la.. but its funny!

      Anyway congrats! with another blink they will be graduating from uni already

    9. ya ya… he does look a lil ‘different’ in the grad photo. LOL It’s the end of kindy life for Tim n wishing him all the best when he enters Pri schl next yr.

    10. Time really flies and our kids are growing at a fast rate huh? Congrats to Tim and Emily 🙂

    11. my kids’ kindy was boring

    12. hahahhaha, one of my sons also yawning during the singing. My sons also had their 1st concert last weekend. 🙂

    13. Magictree said on

      Emily’s dress is so pretty.

    14. Yes hope Tim become a scholar one day….

    15. Time flies, Congratulations to Tim…big boy already…

    16. wow…time really flies…

      Tim will be going to Std 1 and Emily is also growing fast…

    17. I can imagine!!

    18. Congratulations! Well, it is the funny moments that lend a form of uniqueness to the entire event, making it memorable!