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    • Spider Moments

      Funny kids do funny things. Guess what advertisement they are portraying? Or are they just fooling around like spiders?

      Published on November 4, 2008 · Filed under: Parenting;

    13 Responses to “Spider Moments”

    1. Aicks! Aren’t they giving u a heart-attack?

    2. Kids just love to climb, jump, run….you name it!! Agree? 🙂

    3. The mattress won’t fall back? LOL!

    4. shoppingmum:We don’t allow them to do that without an adult supervision. The mattress is quite stable. But now it is moved back to the bed, no more spider stunt…hehehe

    5. my kids like to do that if there is an opp

    6. haha i think most kids give us heart attack hehe

    7. hahahahah not showing my son this picture. otherwise he will follow..

    8. Magictree said on

      If I see my kids liddat, sure yell like mad!!!

    9. Mattress advertisement? Hehe.

    10. BIG spiders you’ve got there! lol

    11. haha… spiderman in the making huh?

    12. learning rock climbing.

    13. so what advertisement was it wor?