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      Emily has her moments and sometimes she can be a pain in the neck. I take the family out to shopping and sometimes she will act up. She will say her legs are tired so that either my hubby or I would carry her. She stopped by every other shop to see what she wants to see. If she doesn’t get what she wants, she will be whinny.

      Yesterday, I was trying to get a pair of shoes for them. However we could only get a pair for Emily and I was still looking around for Tim’s one. Emily started her round of fuss. We decided to leave the mall. I scolded Emily in the car and of coz she cried.

      Later, I asked daddy to stop by another shop so that I can go with Tim to get his pair of shoes. As a punishment for Emily, she stayed in the car with daddy. I managed to do what I wanted with Tim and bought 2 sweaters for them too.

      Next morning this was what Emily said:

      Emily: Mummy I am 4 years old and going to 5. I am a big gal now. I don’t want to cry, show my tummy and I will not be lazy to walk.

      Mummy: Good girl

      Let’s hope she remembers that. This is crucial for her to enjoy the next event that is coming up. Hehehe…I will tell you when we come back!

      Her new dress and Her new shoes.

      Published on November 9, 2008 · Filed under: Parenting;

    14 Responses to “Punishment”

    1. your ‘punishment’ is so mild.. 😛

      Hope Emily will stick to her promise.

    2. yes very mild punishment……

    3. Zara’s mama and Rachel: oh dear, mild? I would really love to hear what your punishment is.

    4. we have to teach our kids some lessons right? the other day, we all went home cause my son lau gai in the mall. he cried and kept on wanting to go back to the mall but we gotta teach him a lesson.

    5. same goes with QQ. So each time before we go out, or a nite before, we will tell her the “terms and condition” . She normally behaves better in the outing with the upfront terms.

    6. I think have to discipline lor….else they get out of hand next time. At least Emily understands 🙂

    7. Angeleyes said on

      Wah… not bad wor… she still can come and give u her promise… your punishment seems to work!

    8. so far samuel was ok with family besides the fear that he used to have but jesse was abit difficult to control but still manageable at tis age

    9. senang oni ur punishment and she’s very good girl…

      pergi HK ah :p

    10. good that she promise to you.
      holiday? enjoy ya..

    11. Eh, mild meh the punishment? I thought it was appropriate with the “crime”. Hehe. And it worked too. 🙂

    12. This kind of ‘mild’ punishment wudn’t work on my 5yo, unfortunately. 🙁

    13. So “berkesan” eh, your punishment? Hehe…

    14. I bet Emily will keep her promise…..based on her attitude…