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      Read the previous post to get the story below.

      Day before yesterday while I was having a shower, shampooing my hair to be precise, papa came knocking on the door. He asked me why did I put the lip balm into Emily school bag? Obviously I didn’t know what he was talking about. He opened the door slightly to show me. I told him, this is a glue stick. :rolleyes:

      After the shower, I told my children that papa thought the glue stick is a lip balm. They giggles and Tim make a funny remark.

      Tim: Papa, why do you want to put glue on your lips? You want to be quiet?

      Actually he made the blooper because I told him I got the lip balm today and he thought I put it in Emily’s school bag.

      Published on November 13, 2008 · Filed under: Parenting;

    11 Responses to “Papa Bloopers”

    1. haha…so ngam, i also just bought 2 similar glue stick for my girls….

    2. altho tim is quieter as compared to emily he can b quite cheeky at times ha ehhehe

    3. hehe….both really look alike hor…

    4. LOL!!! so funny…

    5. At least your hubby checks your kids’ school bags, which is good!

    6. LOL!! Your hubby checks on the children’s bag but mine never lor.

    7. Muahaha…
      If this happens in my house, Shern will sure ask his daddy, ‘are you blur?’

    8. hahaha..pity ur hubby kena laugh by ur kids LOL

    9. Hahahhaha, this is so funny!!

    10. Maybe he’ll think glitter glue is lipstick. Hehe.

    11. Ha ha ha, your hubby really “moong cha cha”