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    • Waking Up Problem Gone

      Remembered I blog about Emily has a waking up problem during school days. This week, she didn’t have any problem waking up. You wanna know why? I am sure. This week, the tadika has planned a week full of interesting activities.

      Tues: Teaching children to buy and sell.

      Wed: Butterfly farm excursion.

      Thurs: Marcus Birthday celebration.

      Fri: Last Day of School Party.

      With all these exciting activities, she woke up instantly. She slept early on Tuesday night because she had to wake up at 7am. The bus will leave school at 8:15am. Guess what, papa found her sleeping outside the bedroom at 6:30am. :rolleyes: She must have been afraid that we forget to wake her up and miss the excursion.

      Lastly, today will be the last day for Tim to attend kindy. Next year he will be in primary 1. The days have passed so fast. I still remember the day when I delivered him. He was so tiny and he smiles a lot! Once I sang to him and he was giggling in his sleep.

      Published on November 14, 2008 · Filed under: Parenting;

    15 Responses to “Waking Up Problem Gone”

    1. i’m worry now… sidney have problem waking up in the morning too and she is going to attend kindie next year and i’m sweating now 😛

    2. Wien no problem on waking up but Lyon yes…headache now….

    3. I have no problem waking up Belle these few days too because she is looking forward to the dance and singing practicing her the concert! 😆

    4. time really flies eh

    5. funny ah, she go sleep outside the bedroom. hahha

    6. Ah, when they have something to look forward to, guarantee they will sleep early 🙂

    7. Ha,ha…so cute…she need motivation…..maybe, should ask school to be creative…

    8. No more waking-my-girl-up prob till sch starts next yr. Now got new prob. How to make her sleep in longer during sch hols. 😀

    9. I laugh at slavemom comments….hihihih… everytime kids do bring us different problem … settle one then come another one ya …

      But she is so funny to sleep outside the bedroom …& is glad that the kindy have fun activities to motivate them …good !!

    10. wah so excited till slept outside bedroom.. cute..

    11. har har…same with jeriel..hard to wake him up also…

    12. haha…kids being kids, the school only sounds interesting when there is an event.

    13. Wah, Tim’s a big boy liao. Still remember reading about him as a toddler in all your older posts recently.

    14. Haha so cute….sleep outside the bedroom. Wow Primary 1 already…. 🙂

    15. so quickly Tim is going to Std 1. How i miss those years when i first delivery my first baby :p