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    • Christmas Children Production Mission

      Finally it was over! I am glad there were many children turned up for the little Christmas play held on 21st December 2008. Remembered I was in charged of angel costumes, shepherd boy costumes, sheep, shepherd staff and the back drop. I am glad a few people helped me. This kept me busy for 2 months.

      I had to do 10 tutu’s, 10 gowns, 10 angel wings, 20 shepherd staffs, 40 sheep, 20 shepherd costumes and a backdrop. I have many little helpers to help me paint the staff and wool the sheep. :giggles:

      Tada here is the results:

      The backdrop is designed by a church friend. Everything is recycle stuff.

      Now anyone want to hire me for their next children concert or play?

      Published on December 22, 2008 · Filed under: Christmas;

    16 Responses to “Christmas Children Production Mission”

    1. wah the wings r so nice leh… u reli did a good job!

    2. I must say, the wings are prettier than those selling here!!! You are talented!

    3. Wow your work is indeed very impressive!! Ok, next time I know who to ask liao! Merry Xmas Michelle!

    4. Shoppingmum: Thanks. From far it looks nice but near, need a lot of improvement on the craftmanship. 😉

    5. wow..that was very very nice …. the backdrop was nice too … i like the lil tutu and wings .. so sweet those lil angle

      last, Merry X’mas !!!

    6. You are really good….if me…dunno where and how to start!!!

    7. WOW… you really good in craft!!!

    8. Everyone: Thanks for encouraging words. Now I know what to do if I lost my job. :giggles:

    9. so amazing that everything was DIY!

    10. Great job, Mich! Looks like the play was a big success.

    11. wow got wings somemore…..keng

    12. Wow, not bad at all ler….You indeed is good!!!

    13. Merry Xmas

    14. Hey woman, Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    15. Wow! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    16. such a beautiful work! Truly a great gift you have there 🙂