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    • I Won US30

      Today I won US30, a prize for something I entered. I cannot tell what it is until later. I am so happy although it is not much. It is a good start in the Chinese New Year first day after hearing so many bad news.

      What should I do with it? I will certainly share it with my family. Maybe a good family meal in a nice restaurant.

      I hope to spread my good dust to you if there is such a thing. Hope all of you have a Blessed Chinese New Year!!!!!!!!

      Published on January 26, 2009 · Filed under: Myself;

    9 Responses to “I Won US30”

    1. That is an “ONG” way to start the “NIU” year! Congratulations!

    2. wah reli a good start… blessed new yr to u n family !

    3. Congrats & Gong Hei Fatt Choy to u n family, Mich!

    4. Come, spread the good luck dust to me… I need it!!

    5. wah, lucky girl. what is it? quickly share share ok.

    6. Good start for the new year. May you win another one with 4 more zeros. Kong hei fatt choy to you and family. Best regards, Lee.

    7. i wan also..
      gong xi gong xi

    8. surely a good start ler!

    9. congrats!