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      Last week, I met with an incident and learned something from it, probably some tips for you, parents. I was at the gift wrapping counter in Jaya Jusco at Mid Valley. Mid Valley is always crowded and we have to be careful with our children.

      At the gift counter which was also a service counter, I saw a gal in tears. She was very frightened. She is about 10-11 years of age. Yeap, you guess it, she lost her parents. She was smart to approach a Jusco staff saying that she lost her parents. The staff bought her up to the service counter, hoping for more staffs to help her out. They called the security guard who was communicating to other security guards to look for any parents who lost their kid. Probably her parents were still shopping and didn’t notice they lost their child. Hey it happen to me when I was 11-12 years old in Japan, read the later part for my story.

      Being a mother, I kepoh with the service counter staff to ask them to make a public paging. The staff told me she was afraid of public paging and waiting for her supervisor to page. She can only do it in BM as she is not well versed with English. If they allowed me, I can do it for her. It is all scripted anyway.

      She asked me and the guard whether she can do it in BM. Hrmm…I told her if the parents is a foreigner which I suspect because the gal look a little mix, the parents would not understand BM. By the way, the gal gave the staff a phone number but it has 10 digits. We suspect it is an overseas number. It starts with 04xxxxxxxx. Not Penang number ok! Penang only has 7 digits after area code. Hers have 8 digits.

      Anyway after a long time, finally I heard them paged for the parents twice. I could not stay any longer to see the happy ending.

      Note to all parents and myself, next time you go shopping, make sure your child carries your handphone numbers in paper. Teach the child to pass the phone number to security guards or staff with tags. Otherwise hold on to your child like precious diamonds!

      For my story in Japan when I was 11+, yes I wondered away with other tourists on my own. My parents, bro, sis, uncle, aunt and cousins didn’t realize that I was on my own. I was walking on my own but not afraid. I think I knew my way back to the hotel. This is in the street of Toyko which I never set foot before. Imagine if I didn’t know my way back, I will be a lost child in Japan. Now thinking back, I felt I was protected.

      Guess what, I met my family on the street and they were lost. I had to bring them back to the hotel. They claim it is very far to walk back and wanted to take a cab. I remember telling them that it is just across the street. 😛

      Published on February 4, 2009 · Filed under: Parenting Tip;

    13 Responses to “Lost Gal”

    1. My suggestion is teach our children to memorize our phone/hp number since young.

    2. Jona now, can memories my h/phone number by heart, and keep dailing and calling me whenever he free or Isaac is crying at home….

    3. Wow…lost in a foreign land! At such a young age too!

    4. you are so smart!! yeah, it is dangerous when bring too many children out.

    5. agreed with u …
      u soo lucky , age 11 already go japan ?? 🙂

    6. Magictree said on

      You were really brave ( at 11 I mean)! I think it’s good to have phone nos written down for them in their pockets. You’ll never know what a panic situation might do to their memory!!

    7. haha.. just sent you the mail about your blog prob.. now can access liao.

      Btw, I made Zara remember my phone number.. and told her to always go to a guard or other mummies or daddies (those with kids) instead of any strangers..

      You 11 years old already so smart ah?

    8. wow u r reli brave n smart ! if me sure panic oredi hhahahhaa

    9. You are pretty smart for a 11 year old!!! I think I would be panic if I’m lost.
      Same as us over here as my kids can’t speak fluent Thai, it would be horrifying if they get lost in the malls. I think I better give them a tag with our names and phone numbers on.

    10. its so scary. when i was in genting, i saw a girl around 9-10 yrs old crying out loud for her mom. it was at least 1 -2 min of crying. then i saw the mother came for her, guess what? the stupid mother was sitting at the corner table with other family members and didnt realise the daughter was not with them until they heard the crying!

    11. So funny ur adventure in Jpn. Turned out they were the lost ones. 😀 Well, funny when u think back, but I’m sure ur parents freaked out then.

    12. Wah, you so brave ah to venture alone in a foreign land at such a young age?

    13. wah u very keng eh in japan LOL…

      ya good thing to give the child the phone number and thank god the girl was not abducted