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      Sweets and chocolate are junk food, I don’t like junk food” Emily & Tim said.

      Today I was at popular bookstore paying for the items I am buying. As you know the counter is filled with sweets, chocolate and junk food. I asked Emily whether she wanted Ribena jelly. She said out loud that “Sweets are junk food, I don’t want junk food”. The cashier gal laughed and told me that this is the first time she hear a child say that. It makes me very proud of them.

      How did Emily and Timothy get there? It is influenced by my nephew whose parents were very strict on junk food. They don’t allow him to eat any and brain washed told him junk food is not good. There goes the fun! In turn, he influenced my children. You see having their cousin tells them that junk food is no good is better than their parents saying it hundredth times.

      You know how grandma or grandpa pampered them with things they like. At one time my mom secretly gave my children chocolate. The funny thing is that when my children were at my parents place during CNY, my parents offered my children soft drink. Emily and Timothy told grandma, “This is junk drink and I don’t like”. All my relatives laughed.

      Anyway, they are not perfect as there are times when I eat junk food, they too want a little bit. They tell me a little bit is ok.

      Published on February 7, 2009 · Filed under: Parenting;

    9 Responses to “Influenced”

    1. They are obedience kids!???????????

    2. Oooh yes, rejecting soft drinks is a PLUS for all kids! Bravo!

    3. i wish your are staying nearby me, then your children can help influence mine to say “NO” to junk food especially soft drinks!

    4. So “gua gua” leh. My kids? They say it’s not good, but later hantam all. LOL!

    5. Magictree said on

      Hopefully, it stays with them. As for my boys, they are more scared of sweets/jelly/chocolates/soft drinks than medicine!!!

    6. They know it’s not good, but they oso know a lil bit of it is fine. Smart kids!

    7. Wah, such great kids you have. My little girl asks for chocs and sweets all the time. Luckily she’s not really into soft drinks, though she likes those like Yeos. At least not as bad as fizzy drinks.

    8. It’s always easier to have an older kid sharing with them the good values.

      I always use my niece too and the girls will listen to her because they adore her.

    9. wahh good lah u..mine both are the no. 1 junkie 😐