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      Remember that I won US30 on the first day of Chinese New Year. It was my company department photo contest. My director asked us to take picture during our December break. I submitted my Teluk Kumbar beach pictures I took during Christmas. The criteria is not how good the picture is but how relax we were.

      I was one of the winners. The one sitting on my left and back also won. I guess we know how to relax ourselves. I was asked not to share this until the department meeting. Oh well, my director didn’t want me to steal the thunder. That’s how I won US30. I am still thinking how to spend it. Any great ideas….By the way, the prize money is taxable 🙁

      Again, I will show the winning pictures.

      Published on February 11, 2009 · Filed under: Parenting;

    10 Responses to “Prize Money”

    1. It’s taxable? 😛

    2. Congratulations!!
      But didn’t show a picture of YOU relaxing also 😛

    3. i tot its a photo of you relaxing hehhe… congrates again!

    4. shoppingmum: Yeap looks like everything is taxable.

      giddytigress: I was the photographer, someone has to do the work…:P

      alicia: Next time, I will sure bring my hammock and ask my hubby to capture my relaxing moment.

    5. A lot of things r taxable these days but if the co wanna do something abt it, I think they can – to classify it accordingly.

    6. actually har should show relaxing you in the pic mah! LOL

    7. I was also hoping of seeing a pic of YOU relaxing!

    8. wa.. some more in USD!

    9. Congrats! Very nice and relax photo indeed.

      $30 also kena tax… so kesian lar…

    10. alamak, USD30 also kena tax…can withdraw later ah when the rates go up ?