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      Today lunch time, my gal told me she had stomach ache. I applied some “minyak angin” and thought she was hungry. I gave her some honey dew, my subsidy from my workplace. She ate and she was ok.

      Later after I sent my son to school, my hubby got a call from my nanny. She said that Emily is having fever and has no appetite to eat. I suspect is food poisoning. However she didn’t vomit nor has any diarrhea. I gave her fever medicine and asked nanny to let her sleep. The clinic was already close for lunch time. I thought to let her rest and take her to the doctor after work.

      She had fever again at 5:30pm and my nanny gave her the fever medicine. She looks very tired. I gave her Gain Bac, good bacteria. Later, she passed motion and she was active with no fever and no stomach ache. Her motion was normal. However she insisted that she wants to see the doctor. More like she wanted to go to the clinic playground.

      I took her to the clinic because I was afraid that she may have fever again at night. Better let the doctor check her. However when she was at the clinic playground, she has no sign of being sick.

      She saw the doctor and he could not find anything wrong with her. The doc said she just has some wind in her tummy. Since I already have fever medicine and Gain Bac (good bacteria), he didn’t give her any medicine. There goes my money too! RM25 for the playground. :rolleyes:

      By the way, if your child has stomach flu, good bacteria helps a lot. The doc told me that he has a case of a child admitted because of rotavirus. The doc gave the child good bacteria and he recovered after 4 days. However the child’s aunts also had the same rotavirus and were admitted for 10 days.

      P/S: I got the above bottle from my pediatric. I am sure you can also get from the pharmacy. I suggest you talk to your doctor before using it.

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    15 Responses to “Good Bacteria Rules”

    1. where can I get this? is it like daily supplement?

    2. Can get from pharmacy? Glad that it worked for Emily. Hmmm… must find out more abt this GainBac.

    3. i want to stock this too!

    4. Magictree said on

      I would like to know to…is it supplement? Medication? or others?

    5. Everyone: I got a bottle from my pediatric. You can ask your doc for it. Be sure you get the right brand. I heard some brand, the good bacteria didn’t survive.

      I am not sure whether it is medication or supplement. Best to ask your doctor.

      I give to my children whenever needed especially the stomach not so good.

    6. should tell me earlier!!!
      me suffer for the past 2 weeks!

    7. is this powder type? i cant remember wat brand we used to give its in a strip n doesnt work that well

    8. this is helpful as my son is sick now with fever

    9. Alicia: It is powder form in a capsule. For children, you need to break the capsule and pour the powder. You can mix a little water with the powder. Emily said that it is sweet.

    10. I gave to my boys too, but, it is always me who forgot to give them :(…..mine is Lacto something, can’t really remember liao…

    11. It sounds a good supplement for sick…actually what bacteria is that included and what sickness can go for it?

    12. oh..take note here..
      i think i better get few bottles back to CN.

    13. What does it taste like? Like Yakult?

    14. Giddy Tigress: Not sure, I have not tasted it myself but Emily said it is sweet.

    15. I gave LactoCG to Bryan. It is in capsule form, so i need to break it open and mix the powder in a tbsp of water for him.

      I think it helps. He caught diarrhea fr school fr his classmate. i gave him 1 dose on empty tummy, and lactose free milk. No more diarrhea. His fren suffered diarrhea for days.