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      My children love to go supper or maybe they just want to “sau kai” meaning “don’t want to stay at home”. Anyway, they always want me to bring them to mamak stall. Here in Penang, we have lots of indoor mamak place because famous for nasi kandar stall. Most of them are 24 hours and some are air condition like Kayu.

      My children love the Roti Tisu from Kayu. It is huge and is required to be served on 3 plates. It is crispy and sweet, that is why they love it. Look here if you do not know what Roti Tisu is:

      Once it a while, it is good to have supper.

      Published on February 23, 2009 · Filed under: Food;

    13 Responses to “Supper”

    1. wow.. such a big roti tisu … i m a roti tisu lover too … crispy and sweet !!! yam yam yam

    2. You have no idea how much I miss coti canai stalls!!!!

    3. i love roti tisu too!!! but never seen that long before. 😉

    4. Magictree said on

      I have never tried that. But over here I see them put the bread upright ( vertical.)

    5. Missing roti from Kayu very much…. SIGH

    6. once in a while is fine, dun take often as roti canai are very oily…..i turn plump during my uni years in penang as i went to mamak stall for supper with frens all the time. ;p

    7. I miss my supper time…..not sure when is the last time I have supper 🙁

    8. roti is my fav.. any type oso i like :p

    9. Look at the pic remind me of the roti tisu I had more than 10 years ago while studying in WM. Penang is famous for nasi kandar. Never try it before, so would hope to visit Penang again and try it out. :0

    10. roti tisu also my fav!

    11. Hv nvr tried roti tisu b4. It looks interesting.

    12. In this pic, it looks like a dinosaur tooth. Hahaha.

    13. Ew.. this roti tissue looks like some alien’s horn.