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      Alicia just reminded me from her post to blog about this. It is about teaching children how to tell the time. Yeap it is difficult to teach children to tell time. You must teach them 1 hour has 60 minutes. They will look very strangely at you because they always learn that 10 is the complete number. Next, you have to teach them, when the long hand move from 1 number to another, it will be a multiple of 5 minutes like 5,10,15,20…etc. Too complex for any child. Worst you have half past, quarter past, quarter to…etc.

      However my children mastered the way to tell time ever since they know how to read numbers. I have a clock in my room but not my children’s room. Sometimes if I sleep in the children’s room, I will ask either Emily or Tim to go to my room to tell me the time.

      They love to run over and tell me. Mummy it is 8:15. Cool eh? How do they do it? Here is the secret.

      Isn’t it great to have digital clock, make things so simple. Anyway, if you really want to teach a child time, start with the short hand moving and the long hand at 12.

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    12 Responses to “Telling Time”

    1. ya, teaching them about time take time but once they know the concept, they can master it pretty soon.

      Wien took about a week to understand the concept and she is very excited once she can tell the minutes correctly.

    2. Hey, u just gave me an idea. How about placing a digital & analog clock next to each other.

      Then the kids will know that that they both mean the same thing….

      Hmm..someting for me to consider for my own house…. 😀

    3. i have taught my son the short and long needle, but then in our car has digital clock so i dont know which to teach him. the school teaches the analog clock.

    4. That’s how I teach Brae on telling the time, short hand first with the long hand at 12 and slowly move one with the long hand. But it’s hard for him to grasp the concept of 5,10,15….mins. Will slowly teach him since he’s only 3+.

    5. We are using the kids digital watch for Justin. But I think he still cannot understand much. LOL!

    6. we have a digital clock in our room as well n he has no problem wit tat 🙂 n teaching him long hand on 12 is easy as well but it is difficult on 5.10,quarter,20,25, half….he got confused, anyway its ok i remember i was not very good at tat even when I was 8 hahhahha :p

    7. XY can tell time looking at her digital watch or the clock on the pc. Can oso tell the time if the long hand is at 12. But she still can’t grasp that 1 hr = 60 mins. Really difficult to teach hor.

    8. ya, i teach Jo in this way too, so far so good although i still have to remind him diligently about the short hand and long hand!

    9. wow…impressive…
      must try out on Jeriel…

    10. my children still dunno how to tell time and the days in a week, or about month and year! i dunno how to begin!!!

    11. pandai ler…my girl still blur blur about time, hehe….

    12. So how do they tell you?
      It’s two two dot three one?