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    • Homemade Ice Cream

      My children love to eat sorbet type ice-cream. They called them ice ice-cream. I got a mini ice cream tray from Daiso in KL. I thought Emily and Timothy how to make ice-cream. You can practically choose any juice for the ice-cream. I bought a big pack of Vitagen for them to make ice-cream. They like it very much.

      Now I can turn juice into ice-cream for them to eat. However they know that too much ice-cream is not good for them. I only allowed them to have it once a week or every other week. Try it, it is fun especially they make it on their own.

      Published on February 28, 2009 · Filed under: Food;

    13 Responses to “Homemade Ice Cream”

    1. besides juice and vitagen…u can try using yogurt drink. taste so much better. 🙂

    2. Yup, good way to make kids drink their fruit juice this way by making popsicles! I shd dig out my popsicles moulds too!

    3. hmm i onli did it wif juice nvr tot of doin from vitagen… i should try one day

    4. Looks yummy….Must try one of these days….but first must get the mould first.

    5. i got the ice-cream tray too but yet to try it out.

    6. its fun for the kids but not often, agree too..

    7. qiqi and me still prefer those creamy type. so difficult to make those as it requires mix of yogurt and blending process 🙁

    8. i use Twister orange juice to make it… but never thought of using vitagen!! got to try it …. 🙂

    9. I just kept all my tupperware popsicle makers… was thinking to make some red beans sticks for darrius but that boy ah… can’t show him funny stuff or he will bug me day and night for it! LOL

    10. I guess this kind of homemade ice-cream is better n healthier than those bot outside.

    11. good idea too, will try to make it since my kid likes to eat ice cream..

    12. It’s popsicle right? Not really ice cream ice cream?

    13. Easy to make with the ice cream maker…I will hunt for one in Daiso soon..