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      Today I went to register a school for Emily. She was thrilled yesterday when I told her that she will go to a new school when she is 7.

      Registration is different this year. I am required to provide.
      1. A copy of the birth cert with the actual birth cert to chop and verify.
      2. A copy of the utility bill. I don’t remember submitting this for my son.
      3. A 4×9 envelope with 50 sen stamp and house address. I believed it is use to send back the confirmation letter.

      It took me only 5 minutes to register for her. The officer told me that it is not automatic that siblings will get a place in the school even though the bro or sister is in the school. I remembered I was automatically put in BBGS because my sister was there. Oh well, different system in Penang.

      Here are the questions Emily would ask me about her schools.

      Emily: What school will I go to when I am 7 years old?
      Mummy: Kor kor school.
      Emily: What school will I go to when I am 6 years old?
      Mummy: Tadika Bla Bla
      Emily: What school will I go to when I am 15 years old?
      Mummy: Che Che Zian’s school (Zian, a Sunday school friend)
      Emily: What school will I go to when I am 20 years old?
      Mummy: Mummy’s school. *hoping she will end up in my university*

      Ooh by the way she is very happy when she hears all the answers, not really knowing what she is getting herself into. She is such an innocent little gal.

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    12 Responses to “Emily Registered”

    1. oh so fast need to register i dun even know what school to register samuel ! 🙁

    2. Oh… so this is the process now. Do they specify that a child must be within how many kilometers in radius to be able to apply to a particular school? I also wonder if it is the same with Chinese school?

    3. haha, at least she asked u questions that can be answered easily.

      i too, have gone back to the school to reconfirm the status of my son’s application.
      next yr gonna go back to register for my gal’s

    4. I suppose the system’s different in Penang. In KL, privilege will be given to siblings whereby they’ll automatically be placed in the school where the the brother or sister is.

      Des has 4 chops at the back of her BC (hahaha).

      Emily sure is excited to enter primary school and I’m sure she’s asking the questions for fun since u’ve answered the 7 and 6 years old, she might as well ask more to see how u would answer.

    5. Lyon already ask for trolley bag once she enter primary 1! She wants to be like her sister!

    6. so cute a… she didnt ask you when she is 25??

    7. michelle said on

      Chooi Peng: She is smart that she didn’t ask. The answer will be “pay back” time. :giggles:

    8. Chinese primary school? It took me hours to register.

    9. sigh…QQ’s registration was tiring. 8.30am reach school, numbers all given out. Hb went at 12noon again, and took no. 226!

    10. The weird thing is, when I go and re-register Jona for second time as required, I saw 10 parent queue, 8 out of it is Malay and Indian parent!! Wow, imagine enroll for Chinese Primary school…really tough competition for the seat liao

    11. she’s planning way ahead liao.. haha.

    12. Emily sooo smart…can see ahead…
      i also kautim…goog thing no soo long Q…