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      One more week to school holiday and my children are already asking me what to do next week. I guess they cannot wait to have a fun filled holiday. Since I have 2 days off every month, I have to plan something exciting for them.

      I am not sure why my children love water play so much. They cannot get enough of the swimming pool or anything to do with water. Yeap I have plan for them to have some fun in a water park. Please help to pray that it will not rain on that day.

      Timothy’s birthday is also around the corner. We will not have any big party but I will definitely get a cake for him with Ben 10 face in it. Both my children’s birthday fall on a school holiday every year. No opportunity to celebrate in the school. I wonder anyone has successfully celebrated their child’s birthday in primary school. Tell me about it. I don’t think the school will allow that.

      Mummy got a gift for him from Ebay and I bet when he sees it, he will grin from ear to ear. Oh well, since he doesn’t know how to find my blog, I will show it to you. I will also take Emily to choose a gift for his big brother. I am sure she will ask for a small gift herself.

      Published on March 10, 2009 · Filed under: Parenting;

    12 Responses to “Looking Ahead”

    1. Wow…so many figurines. That must have cost a lot. Tim will be thrilled I’m sure.

    2. wow..more toys for Tim! sure he v excited!

    3. wow… he’ll be jumpung for joy.

    4. wow nice nice… im sure he will b very happy!

    5. OMG! my son would love them!

    6. He will be delighted. Funny, my boys do not seem to like Ben10 anymore. They used to be crazy over Ben10. Enjoy your holidays.

    7. hmmmm water play…
      can come over to my place…
      i can bring ah fie down also…

    8. Coming Ben10 theme birthday celebration for Tim, I’m sure he will be surprise and happy to see that. The Ben10 character collection is nice too 😉

    9. He’ll have hours of fun with that. 🙂

    10. How come their birthdays falls on holiday every year??? so strange…

      Anyway, an advanced birthday wish to Tim!

    11. What a big collection, no wonder he can’t wait to open the present.

    12. You really go extra miles to get what he want….So nice of you, and the collection, I bet all kids love it