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      I have learnt that in Psychology class during my University days that we humans can be program into doing things. One good example is driving. Most of us driver would drive automatically from A to B without conscious effort. Somehow our daily routine of driving has programmed our brain and body to do it effortlessly.

      In taking this theory to action, I am trying to program my children. Timothy and Emily fight all the time. Last week, in church they went overboard. Emily scratched Tim and Tim hit Emily because of an airplane toy. After we went home, papa caned both of them.

      I thought of a better punishment and ask them to do this:

      I told them, every time they fight, they have to do this. I kind of like the positive statement compare to the negative. Usually if you ask a child not to do something, they will do otherwise. By writing this, I am hoping it will be program into them. Let’s hope it works.

      Side humor that happens today that I want to record for myself:
      Hubby: Dear, I can go home now. Network down and I cannot do anything.
      Me: Sorry dear, I have a meeting and I will call you when I can go.

      After my meeting, I saw my hubby online and I msg him…
      Me: Dear, your network still down.
      Hubby: Yeah.
      Me: How come got Internet? :giggles:
      Hubby: Now it is up already.

      Published on March 18, 2009 · Filed under: Parenting;

    19 Responses to “Creative Punishment”

    1. i remembered doing this punishment when in primary school. it does not work for me though. i write bcoz i hv to. πŸ˜›

    2. michelle said on

      miche: You write positive or negative statement?

    3. haha….write with full of hatred like what Miche mentioned? so funny Miche!

    4. Hub ever asked Wien wrote similar sentence too but seem not really work. She still doing it.

    5. Haven’t tried this method on Des but I’m sure it won’t work for her too. The punishment which works will be the ‘monster glare’ from me and when I say “1, 2” (without reaching 3). *heehee*

    6. Magictree said on

      Let me know if it works long term.

    7. hahahahhaha i used to kena that type of punishment while in school.. write 100 or 200 times…

      u n hub work in same co?

    8. michelle said on

      rachel: Not the same co. He is on my chat network.

    9. Wow, writing sentences as punishment, not bad…does it works on them? btw, their hand writing is neat and nice.

    10. this is a good punishment, like those old times, the teacher always used this method for punishing students

    11. its a good idea! i must do this!

    12. Wah, you and your hubby so very the ‘lor man’ eh? The only punishment that instilled fear in me when I was young was the cane and embarassment πŸ˜‰

    13. hmm nvr tot of such punishments. i think i can try tis in future hehee

    14. i remember this punishment when i was a kid!:) LOL!

    15. Em’s writing getting bigger n bigger. πŸ™‚

    16. Like your system.. but have to wait for Zaria to be old enough to write. Hehe..

      For now.. still naughty corner for me.

    17. hahahah…i remember this punishment also, during school time!!!! πŸ™‚

    18. Interesting tip. it reminds me of the punishment in school where students need to write sentence on board 100 times.

      Will used this “punishment” on my kid!! Yeah, the more you say “no”, the more they do it. Rebellious.

      Thanks for the tip!

    19. yaya, i like this punishment system too… but, what if they refuse to write?? haha