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    • Mathematician In The Family

      Guess Who? STOPPPPPP…………….Please comment who you think it is before reading.

      My dad is very good in Math although he is not educated. He can do mental arithmetic by adding numbers with 4 or 5 digits without any pen, paper or calculator. Math gens run in my and my hubby’s family. My brother took all the Math subjects in his University and he solved Math problem as a hobby. For me, my favorite subject is also Math and I love solving puzzles. My Math exercise book was always in demand in school too.

      Anyway, I discovered a few days ago that Emily can do mental arithmetic. Yes, without counting fingers. By the way, her school has not started her on Math yet. She must be learning it when I was teaching Timothy.

      It all started when Timothy and Emily was playing teacher student with me. They will ask me a math question like “What is 5 + 5?” I will give them the answer right away. Yeah I was showing them how “super” I am. :giggles: Emily will use big numbers like “What is 12+11?”

      Yesterday, I was asking Emily some simple Math like “What is 4+4?”. She answered 8 without counting her fingers or writing on the board. I was shocked. I test her again. “What is 5+5?” She said 10. Either she has a good memory or she is counting in her brain. What do you think?

      Here I captured this in the video. She is only 4 years and 9 months.

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    14 Responses to “Mathematician In The Family”

    1. wow! she is a genius! this proves that the math genes still runs in ur family.

    2. Math genius! My boy is still pretty slow in addition, unless it’s counting sweets. LOL!

    3. hi came here from wen’s blog…nice to see a mummy blogger also from pg…

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    4. wow, i am impressed!

    5. Hey Math genius in the making, you should send her to those mental calculation class.. she’ll do so well.

      I have bad math genes.. even getting change fr shop I have to spend a while to calculate what change should be expected. 😛

    6. Wah…I like the way she answered you like *selamba* like that…. no sweat!

    7. thats smart, she must have all ur family’s genes! i like doing algebra..

    8. Thats very good…I’m sure she has the math gene…

    9. this is not clever..this is Genius….

    10. Wow, she is really smart girl!!!

    11. She’s a Maths genius, no doubt abt that. Not even 5 yet and she’s able to count like that, impressive!

    12. Wow! Emily immediately answered to what u asked. She didn’t even count with her fingers. How I wish my girl can do dat. She still needs to count with her fingers. Guess she has my lousy in maths genes … sigh ..

    13. wah wah! I hope Darrius can be like Emily too! I’m lousy in Math but luckily my Ah Beng is good in it so I hope the lil monster takes over his daddy and not his mommy! 😛

    14. with fingers qiqi also cannot count…must be like her mother, so lost forever!