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    • Earth Hour

      March 28, Saturday 8:30pm – 9:30pm

      What are you guys gonna do? You are supposed to turn off lights and electrical appliances for one hour to raise awareness that the environment needs help. Remember to do your bit. One of my friends suggested having a candlelight dinner. It sounds good but I am afraid if I switch off my lights, fans and air condition. The mosquitoes will come around.

      Timothy asked me whether the mosquitoes will have a party too. I bet they will and using our blood as cocktail beverages. :giggles:

      What am I going to do? I probably hang around the mall with my children. I bet the mall will be crowded, so I have to be there early. Besides hubby need to get a pair of sport shoes and I got Sushi King vouchers to consume.

      Let me know what you will do…*kepoh look*

      Published on March 27, 2009 · Filed under: Environment;

    9 Responses to “Earth Hour”

    1. If I wanna do my bit, the easiest way is to get out of the hse. Maybe go for dinner and come back after 9:30. 🙂

    2. i guess we’ll be in the mall too.

    3. in laws and cousins will be around…maybe we have campfire outdoor. 😉

    4. I thought we were supposed to switch of the lights only? No lights, TV programmes, no air-con/fan, I think I can pass out. I better get out of the house before 8.30 p.m. – by doing my part not to switch on the lights (heehee).

    5. I am cycling with my girls outside my house for 45 min!

    6. Magictree said on

      We off all the lights, huddled in the sitting room , on one fan and watch deal no deal. Eerr..that’s for a start. We’ll try harder the next time.

    7. i was in kuantan. nothing happened there 🙁

    8. i didn’t do anything LOL

    9. We went for dinner in a restaurant near KLCC. And when they dimmed the KLCC lights, the restaurant also turned off the lights, but then the fan and all are still running. So really more like 60 hrs light off time. 😛