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      Emily loves to tell me stories. She tells me what she did at school, her conversation with grandpa and what her friends did. She can go on and on and on…. Sometimes I have to tell her to be quiet so that I can talk. She loves to interrupt when I am talking to papa. Although many times I have told her to wait for her turn, she kept forgetting. She will reply me, “Later I will forget what I want to say”. By the way, Tim also does too.

      Emily does not like to tell me anything that she does wrong or makes her look bad. Last week, she accidentally bumped into a girl that make the girl fall down & cried. I was not there but I heard other children telling me so. Emily kept very quiet. I didn’t want to make a scene there so I asked her nicely about it when she was in the car. She didn’t want to tell me what happen and she changed topics every time I asked her. Sigh.

      This is not a good sign as I want her to learn to tell me everything, good and bad. So how do I do that? I guess I have to keep telling her it is alright to tell me things that she does wrong and hopefully she will not avoid telling me.

      Published on March 31, 2009 · Filed under: Emily;

    10 Responses to “Unwilling To Reveal”

    1. I think most kids are like that. Sometimes only the next day my girls will tell me true story.

    2. should remind her again n again that you will not scold her if she does anything wrong. at first my girls are like that…now they will tell me of their wrongdoings/mistakes which i have to remain calm and not reacted negatively when they tell me. 😉

    3. My girls are just like that – good things sure tell me, bad things sure hide from me! BTW, Emily sure has a superb memory eh? She could memorize the verse so well and quickly too! Very smart girl!

    4. most kids are like that, only willing to tell a good thing, perhaps they think telling bad thing will get punishment later.

    5. michelle, this is an obvious sign of growing up. Smart!!

    6. at least shes reporting to u, samuel hardly tell us what he did and wat happen in school, unless something really happened that makes him remembers

    7. michelle said on

      Alicia: Boys generally are like that, they are not good in remembering details. If you asked Tim, what color chair he sat on or what teacher has thought him, he cannot really tell.

    8. I guess u’ll jes hv to continue to reassure her that u won’t be mad at her for telling u the bad things.

    9. I think kids just don’t like to tell bad things to us. As they might get nagging/scolding/punishment from us – pyschology thinking. So, if you want Emily to tell/report to you bad thing in future, unless you praise her when she did wrong which I don’t think you will right? As long as she know what is wrong and what is right, it is alright that she don’t report bad thing to you 😛

    10. it’s the same with my girls. Anything naughty, or bad, the just keep mumb.